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15 Biggest Lies From Celebrities That Will Blow Your Mind

Sad truth: lying is a part of human nature, albeit is not universally accepted. People tend to lie from time to time – be it intentional or unintentional. And of course, there are many reasons behind the lie, – sometimes it’s good,  sometimes it’s not.

For famous people, lying is inevitable as they’re also human, and especially their image needs to be perfect. When their personal life highly grips attention, they tend to lie to protect their privacy. In particular, when they unintentionally leak their bad side, they also make up about that to keep themselves from criticism.

However, as it says “the truth will out.”, many celebs downright disappoint fans when their lies are proven. Even several stars admit their lies in interviews when dealing with long rumors. Be that as it may, they’re humans after all, and continued to snag the hearts of audiences with their great performances.

In this post, we’ve pulled out the top 15 biggest lies from celebrities. From famous rapper Rick Ross pretending to be a gangster to the biggest lie in the music industry – Milli Vanilli’s band, they may shock you a fair bit. Keep scrolling down to explore.

#15 “I was a Gangster” – Rick Ross

Source: The Independent

Rick Ross is not only a famous rapper but also notorious for a slew of lies. He was caught lying so many times that it reignited controversy over his character. One of them is that he billed himself as a hustler who defied the law and took drugs before becoming famous. But that turned out to be a gigantic lie, given that he was actually busting gangsters rather than becoming one.

Ross was a jail officer prior to becoming a rapper, yet he denied it. When an image of Ross wearing a uniform surfaced online, he claimed it was photo-shopped but later revealed that he was previously a correctional officer.

#14 “I Have Never Gambled” – Pete Rose

Source: Sportico

Pete Rose is regarded as a legend and one of the most decorated players in baseball history, but he is banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame. When reports surfaced that he gambled on baseball games, the defamed star became embroiled in a firestorm of scandal.

Rose disputed the allegations for years. In his book My Prison Without Bars, the Baseball great said in 2004 that he gambled on multiple games not just as a player but also as a manager. He did, however, insist that he never wagered against his own club.

#13 “We’re Brother and Sister” – The White Stripes

Source: Whitestripes

When The White Stripes initially appeared on the music scene in the late 1990s, Jack and Meg White claimed they were siblings. It wasn’t until 2005 that they finally admitted it: they’re married. They claimed they lied in order for people to take them seriously as musicians.

Jack shared with Rolling Stone: “It’s funny that people think me and Meg sit up late at night, in front of a gas lamp, and come up with these intricate lies to trick people. … If we had presented ourselves in another fashion… how would we have been perceived, right off the bat? When you see a band that is two pieces, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, you think, “Oh, I see…” When they’re brother and sister, you go, “Oh, that’s interesting.” You care more about the music, not the relationship.”

#12 “I Don’t Do Drugs” – Paris Hilton

Source: The Times

The usually attractive Paris Hilton has been caught with drugs countless times, yet she keeps denying using them once mentioned.  On Larry King Live, the stunning diva denied using them, and soon after, photos of her smoking weed surfaced online.

She was arrested for cocaine possession a year later, yet she consistently denied that before the court. In one case, her Beverly Hills residence was broken into, and criminals stole several of her precious possessions, including jewels, money, clothing, and cocaine. Hilton continued to deny the presence of cocaine in her home.

#11 “They’re real” – Victoria Beckham

Source: Celebrity Latest Photos

The fashion model and wife of retired footballer David Beckham is extremely sensitive about the topic of her upcoming surgery. She said: “I’m completely natural, except for my fingernails, and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of a St Tropez going on.”

But later, Victoria accidentally revealed that she had her implants removed, as she commented: “No torpedo bazookas, either. Gone.”

#10 “I Never Took Enhancement Drugs” – Lance Armstrong

Source: Christophe Ena / AP

Lance Armstrong is widely regarded as the best professional cyclist of all time. At least, that’s what everyone assumed. After winning seven straight Tour de France wins, rumors about Armstrong using performance-enhancing medications intensified. Who knows what kind of narcotics these were? Perhaps Armstrong was having a problem downstairs and needed a few spiced-up encounters to get things going.

After denying the claims for years, Armstrong finally admitted his wrongdoings when the US Anti-Doping Agency showed that he had taken them.

#9 “There is no Sex Tape” – Kim Kardashian

Source: Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian’s lies are sometimes unintentional. Back in 2007, the reality star was asked about a sex tape with Ray J in an interview with Complex. She disputed it, telling the magazine: “There is no sex tape! Ray J’s not the kind of guy who would do something for revenge. There is no amount of money that could ever convince me to release any tape, even if I had one. I don’t need the money!”

A few months later, the magazine contacted her about it again, because the truth had come out and the video had been removed. Kardashian responded, “I apologize for not publicly being honest, but no one wants to hope that that’s the truth and you hope that will never come out so I felt like at the time that’s all that I could have said.”

#8 “I’m Faithful” – Tiger Woods

Source: Wallsdesk

Tiger Woods was the best professional golfer at one point in his career. Woods had it all as one of the world’s highest-paid and most successful athletes, but he soon found himself in hot water after it was revealed that he had extramarital affairs with more than a dozen women.

There was no point in disputing it as the evidence grew larger and larger. Woods’ marriage ended in acrimony, and his career suffered as a result. AT & T and Gillette discontinued their sponsorship of Woods, and he was never the same again.

#7 “My Helicopter was Shot in Iraq” – Brian Williams

Source: Adweek

To be honest, it is a great duty as a news anchor to address the entire nation, but NBC’s Brian Williams learned the hard way. Williams said while reporting on the Iraq War that the military chopper he was traveling in was “forced down after being hit by an RPG.”

The incident never occurred since the news anchor was suspended for six months without pay for broadcasting the bogus story. Military veterans were outraged that Williams made up the entire narrative, and the television presenter apologized for the deception.

#6 “I’m Straight Outta Compton” – Tyga

Source: Oxygen

Tyga has been outspoken about his Compton background for years, claiming that he grew up in a low-income neighborhood. However, regardless of how much the rapper claims to have spent his “whole life” in Compton, this is completely false.

Tyga was born in Compton but raised in Gardena. Not only that, but he was raised in a “well-to-do” San Fernando Valley house where his parents drove a Range Rover.

#5 “My Laptop was Stolen” – Justine Beiber

Source: Danny Moloshok/Reuters

Justin Bieber, the pop music sensation, was understandably concerned after his laptop was stolen. He vented his rage on Twitter, and then the burglar posted several intimate images of the musician online, including a nude photo. But it turned out that was a publicity hoax by the musician himself to draw attention to his new single Beauty and a Beat featuring Nicki Minaj.

#4 “We’re Just Friends” – Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Source: Style Statement

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s co-stars – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, insisted for years that they were just friends. For all practical purposes, the two were clearly more than that. Just a month after his divorce from Jennifer Aniston, Pitt was spotted on a Kenyan beach with none other than Jolie and her children.

After the divorce, the two were frequently spotted together, but it wasn’t until Jolie became pregnant with Pitt’s child that they officially recognized their relationship. Pitt stated on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith that he “fell in love” with Jolie but insisted that there was no cheating.

#3 “I Never Had Sexual Relations with that Woman” – Bill Clinton

Source: Route Fifty

Politicians and liars are frequently associated, but President Bill Clinton takes the cake. The President of the United States was supposedly having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, although Clinton denied this and stated: “Indeed I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. I misled people, including my wife. I deeply regret that. This matter is between me, the two people I love most – my wife and my daughter – and our God.”

#2 “No Sex Before Marriage” – Britney Spears

Source: Yahoo

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the quintessential celebrity couple in the early 2000s. Spears stated that she was waiting until they were married to have sex while they were together. In an interview with the Daily Star in 2000, she stated, “The virginity issue. It’s a personal decision and it reflects how I feel right now about myself. There are so many emotions involved that I would like to be able to wait until I know I’m with the right person and I’m married.”

The truth came out in 2002 after they had already broken up, during a 20/20 interview with Timberlake, in which he confirmed they had sex. In a 2003 interview with V, Spears addressed the entire affair, saying: “It was two years into my relationship with Justin. And I thought he was the one. But I was wrong. I didn’t think he was gonna go on Barbara Walters and sell me out.”

#1 “We Sang the Song” – Milli Vanilli

Source: Billboard

This lie took the world by storm at the time it turned out. Milli Vanilli was managed by Frank Farian, who’s also the manager of Boney M. Their song “ Girl You Know It’s True” was a massive hit, which lasted eight weeks at the top of the Billboard Top 200, and even let them win the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the band was caught lip-syncing instead of singing the song. The band was in a lot of difficulties, facing many lawsuits, a ruined reputation, and having their award withdrawn.