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7 Celebrities Who Embraced Every Single Hair On Their Bods

Some people find it easier to put off shaving during the colder months. These famous people who don’t bother to shave their legs daily can make you rethink your shaving routine. Why not shave? Shouldn’t November last for more than a month?

Put down that razor if it’s bringing you down and making you miserable this summer. You’d be in excellent company if you decided not to shave this winter, what with all the celebs who are eager to promote body positivity by allowing themselves to be photographed with less than smooth skin. Femininity and all things soft are for the win!

1. Mo’Nique

Source: Getty Images

At the opening of the movie “Precious,” actress Mo’Nique dared to show off her fully hairy legs and simply announced herself to be “a hairy woman.” Go, girl.

2. Amanda Palmer

Source: Getty Images

Palmer, who also does not shave her legs, expressed her support for Mo-Nique when the actress received some criticism from the media regarding the appearance of her legs. Palmer is all about pushing traditional notions of what constitutes feminine attractiveness. Thus it is only natural that the actress would praise hairy legs and arms.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Source: Getty Images

It has been said that Lohan has been seen walking around Hollywood with her legs hairy on multiple occasions. Although there are aspects of the celebrity’s life that I don’t find admirable, I applaud her for being unafraid to walk around without shaving.

4. Mayim Bialik

Source: Getty Images

After being asked about her shaving routine on Kveller, the “Big Bang Theory” actress and staunch feminist blogged a thought-provoking question. Asked her, “Would women still shave if we never told them to? Is it likely that they will feel the need to shave their bodies weekly, monthly, or even daily if we demonstrate cultural acceptance of our body hair? Would our children have a more or less realistic view of the human body if we all wore bathing suits that covered our natural shapes instead of the form that only hairless young girls who have not borne kids can wear?” Substantially thought-provoking.

5. Tyra Banks

Source: Getty Images

The supermodel disclosed to the magazine, “My legs don’t require a daily shave. You can’t even make out the hair; it’s so thin.” Even though she wouldn’t have to worry about shaving her legs if her hair were darker, I still appreciate how this situation challenges conventional gender roles.

6. Alicia Silverstone

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According to what was published in The New York Times, the charismatic and creative vegan hippy was even so audacious as to attend a store opening event in Los Angeles with gorgeous hairy legs.

7. Celine Dion

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In 2008, Dion bravely rocked out at a sold-out concert in Tokyo while sporting a full head of hair on both legs. Star endured absurd levels of media scrutiny while keeping her dignity intact. I give Dion much credit for his courage in defying traditional gender roles.