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18 Hilarious Things About Disney Characters That Will Blow Up Your Mind

Growing up with Disney has given us some of the most amazing periods of life. These animated films have never stopped captivating both young and old audiences thanks to their emotional plots, charming characters, tragic endings, catchy and intoxicating melodies, and so on.

Sometimes, well-known stories and legends have become so ingrained in our culture that we think we know everything. However, the Disney universe has always been so fascinating and full of surprises that even if you believe you know everything, there is always new and exciting information about it to discover. Did you know why King Triton (Ariel’s father) has 7 daughters? Or did you realize that the movie “Aladdin” has an amazing connection to the movie “The Adventure of Prince Achmed”?

Well, that’s why we are here to show you a brief list containing a handful of never-before-seen Disney facts that only the most die-hard Disney fans may know. Let’s check them out to learn more about Disney and leave your friends in awe!

#1 The character from “The Adventure of Prince Achmed” is a reference for the character of Prince Achmed in Aladdin

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“The Adventures of Prince Achmed” is a 1926 German animated fairytale film by Lotte Reiniger. It is the first animated feature film still in existence; two earlier ones, both by Quirino Cristiani and produced in Argentina, are considered lost.

#2 The seven daughters represent the seven seas

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King Triton has seven daughters to represent the seven seas. Ariel is the Red Sea; Attina is the Bering Sea; Alana is the Black Sea; Adella is the Mediterranean Sea; Aquata is the Coral Sea; Arista is the White Sea, and Andrina is the Caribbean Sea.

#3 He was ready to throw down

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The fight scene with the villagers in the movie “The Beauty and The Beast” really contains a lot of detail. So, if you are not sharp-eyed, it is difficult to see this detail.

#4 Every character has a name

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This is one of the things that makes people love Disney movies: naming all the characters.

#5 They both lost their heads

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This is a detail that deserves our attention. Check it out the next time you watch “Toy Story”.

#6 They become shinier over time

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This can be explained by the development of modern technology and it is also because of the attentiveness of the studio.

#7 Chicharrón will never be forgotten

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Chicharrón is still a memorable character even though the movie “Coco” has ended.

#8 It was a shocking moment

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#9 He just wanted to enjoy his ice cream

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#10 Random fishermen appreciation post

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#11 Cuteness overload

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How adorable the little guy is! I make sure everyone wants to hold him.

#12 The perfect timeline

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#13 Chernabog wanted to party and sleep

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#14 let’s make it happen, Disney!

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#15 Everything is fine!

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#16 Duncan and Wynnchel are the greatest security doughnuts ever

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#17 Representation Matters

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#18 A funny fact only adults will understand!

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