Catch A Sight Of African Rain Frog, One Of The Grumpiest Species On Earth

The animal world is a mysterious universe we could never know enough about. While some species steal our hearts with their cuteness and sweet appearance, others stun us with their august looks. However, have you ever seen a grumpy animal with an angry face? If you wonder whether such weird species exist, have a look at the African rain frog!

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The sad expression of this animal is an innate feature, so it doesn’t indicate the frog’s feelings.

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Black rain frogs are often founded on the Southern coast of Africa, about 3,300 feet above sea level. They spend most of their time burrowing in tunnels at 6 inches of depth to reside in.

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These tiny animals are only 2 inches long, much smaller than other members of their frog family.

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The African rain frogs live in tunnels on forest fringes, so they can remain healthy without the presence of open water.

Source: thewondersofthenatrual

This species has an interesting method to protect itself from outside threats. Whenever an individual feels a risk, it will puff up to a balloon shape to look more intimidating.

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They often change to the balloon form while burrowing to prevent other animals from pulling them out of their tunnels.

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In mating season, the female will release a sticky substance to keep the male on their backs. This behavior is known as adhesive amplexus, meaning the female refuses to be separated from the partner.

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The male individuals are in charge of guarding the burrow to protect the vulnerable eggs.

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What do you think about tiny African rain frogs? Do you know any other species that look as if they were always in a bad mood? Please share your view with us in the comment below! Don’t forget to share this peculiar frog with your friends and family!
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