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40 Of The Most Hilariously Tragic Moments When Beauty Salons Messed Up Their Clients’ Look

40 Of The Most Hilariously Tragic Moments Beauty Salons Messed Up Their Clients’ Look

Everybody desires to be beautiful. We want new looks that can make our friends and colleagues ooh and ah. But we are not trained to be beauticians and do it on our own. We have better go to reliable beauty salons unless we are ready for the idiotic situations we are about to demonstrate. Those are stories of ladies who come out of dodgy beauty shops with awkward outcomes and don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

It is quite tragic to spend money and get their hair, nails, or faces messed up so badly that they are willing to pay any price only to reverse the results. Besides, they emphasize everyone should go to a trustworthy salon despite their expensive charges. Plus, when using coupons or promotions, be careful of the shop’s reputation and check several of their made samples.

But first, you should see why you have to beware of this trouble. Here are 40 snapshots of beauty salons’ failures of which you will never want to be one.

#1 This Has Been All Over My Social Feeds Lately. The Artist Has A Booking Site And Charges $85

Source: Fancy_Dare4930

#2 Needed A Pick Me Up, But I Feel Like I Got Screwed Over At The Nail Salon. These Look Whack, Right?

Source: lazy_villager

#3 The Hairdresser Had ‘No Idea’ How This Happened

Source: kitkat354

#4 My Sister’s Nails For A Wedding

Source: escargoxpress

#5 Wanted A Simple Manicure For My Wedding In March. Right Is What I Got. I Was Upset But Also Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Source: Heisen123

#6 What I Asked For vs. What I Got. $400 And I Feel Like An Idiot

Source: Vegemiteonpikelets

#7 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Source: LemonberryTea

#8 Spray Tan Tears Won’t Go Away

Source: thiscontradictio

#9 Didn’t Think They’d Do The Arrow Too

Source: Suzercita

#10 Hairdresser Did Me Dirty

Source: Tenshi8526

#11 My Sister’s Friend Got Her Nails Done By A ‘Professional’ Nail Artist

Source: penguinzliz

#12 Balayage Hair? Say No More

Source: eraser_dust

#13 This Is What Happened To My Client When She Went Into A Different Local Nail Salon Without Doing Her Research

Source: Angela Blemmings

#14 First Pic Is What I Asked For, Other Pics Are What I Ended Up With

Source: Nariadnaia

#15 I Guess I Got What I Paid For With This Free Look. Asked Makeup Artist For Homecoming Makeup

Source: TheHuntress1031

#16 Went To My Hairdresser With This Pic Today

Source: prettysh*ttykitty101

#17 What I Wanted vs. What I Got

Source: unknown

#18 What I Asked For vs. What I Got – $450 AUD And 4.5hrs Later. I’m Going To Bed

Source: Fightswithcrows

#19 My Little Sister Got Her Makeup Done For My 30th Birthday Party. She’s Really Good At Doing Her Own Makeup. However, She Wanted To Treat Herself And Went To The Salon

Source: Secure_Dragonfruit69

#20 Horrible Shade Match

Source: ashmcur

#21 $60 “Professional” Halloween Makeup. I Asked For The Photo On The Left, With Just A Little Fake Blood. On The Right Is What The Makeup Artist Gave Me

Source: enukez

#22 What My Hair Looked Like – What I Asked For – And How It Turned Out

Source: carli_snyder

#23 Reference Photo vs. What I Got

Source: Upbeat_Breath_6817

#24 Nail Bar Experience In Indonesia

Source: Sovsemsoroka

#25 Expectation vs. Reality ($200 Later). Hairdresser Tried Telling Me It Was The Same Thing. Nope. Nope. No

Source: hufflepuff_puff_pass

#26 My Awful Eyebrows. Bad Microblading, Cheap Ink, Wrong Aftercare Directions. Now Look At Them

Source: Katya2089

#27 The Haircut She Wanted vs. What She Got

Source: dbnfang

#28 The Usual Hairdresser Disaster. My Usual Curl Pattern vs. After Styling By The Hairdresser After A Cut

Source: dsv2202

#29 What I Asked For And What I Got

Source: dpsmith124

#30 Are These Too Thick? I Can’t Tell If I’m Just Not Used To Them Or If This Is A Normal Application. I’m Not Thrilled With Them

Source: ememidk

#31 A Sephora Employees Rendition Of A ‘No Makeup Makeup’ Look. At Least Is Was Free

Source: FakeBeccaJean

#32 My Best Friend Got This Done At Ulta Today

Source: msglitterandglam

#33 What My Sister Asked For vs. What The Salon Did vs. What My Mom Did After The Salon Disaster

Source: Bramflake

#34 When You Accidentally Go To The Worst Stylist In Your Country

Source: Blijerd

#35 She Went To The Worst-Reviewed Makeup Artist In Her City

Source: mangobutter6179

#36 Yes, Done At A Real Salon. And Yes, She Did Cry When She Saw It

Source: t3ddan

#37 Expectations vs. Reality: Curly Hair

Source: unknown

#38 Asked For Caramel Balayage, Came Out Looking Like A Tiger

Source: Kayla-Charizard

#39 All I Wanted Was Bangs That Look Like Dakota Johnson’s. I Showed Her Multiple Pictures And This Was What I Got

Source: bobolatebipboopie

#40 My Sister’s Friend Got Her Nails Done By A ‘Professional’ Nail Artist

Source: penguinzliz

These are lamentable aesthetic experiences that no one expects. Which one do you find most cringe-making? Be sure to tell us by leaving your comment in the zone below and don’t forget to smash the like-share button!

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