Top 7 Most Beloved Animal Kingdom Characters, Ranked

Animal Kingdom, airing on TNT, has become a fan favorite thanks to its compelling blend of crime and heists, compelling characters, and family drama. Fans may despise some characters—from Janine Cody to Baz—with every ounce of their being, while others may have become firm favorites.
The goal of this series is not to have fantastic, well-developed protagonists. Inevitably, they have their unique charms and flaws, but that only serves to highlight the excellence of the greatest of them. It's time to rank them from most to least popular to determine who stands out and who gets left behind.

#1. Top 7 Best Animal Kingdom Characters, Ranked

7. Renn

animal kingdom characters, RennSource: Animal Kingdom

Fans were blown away by Renn’s pregnancy, and her mothering with Craig’s support is one combo that’s interested watchers of the show. Renn is a brilliant and feisty young woman who has matured much. It was simple to despise her at first, but as she has grown and learned to embrace her true self, her popularity has increased. There is much more to her that the audience hasn't seen yet. Don't miss the list of the best movies so far.

6. Joshua

animal kingdom characters, JoshuaSource: Animal Kingdom

Viewers were likely on team J initially, but they may now be shifting their support elsewhere. It's unclear if supporters want him to win or lose. Yet, it is common knowledge that he is capable of cruelty on par with the Smurfs. Joshua's intelligence is top-notch, and he also appears to be kinder and more loyal than his grandmother ever was. Fans won't soon forget the murder on the boat, though, so he has proven capable of some nefarious acts. J's egotism and doggedness can make him incredibly unlikeable at times. You may find these best action movies in recent years intersting.

5. Lucy - Animal Kingdom Characters

animal kingdom characters, LucySource: Animal Kingdom

There are certainly many Lucy fans who haven't gotten over her tragic death. Only she confronted Janine about her true allegiance, and only she had the foresight to realize that Janine was the one responsible for Baz's death. Lucy had a lot of heart, was a bright mind, and was likable. She could have accomplished a lot (and maybe even have taken down Smurf) if she didn’t bark up the wrong tree so quickly.

4. Pope

animal kingdom characters, PopeSource: Animal Kingdom

Fans probably have an even split of love and hate for Pope, making him unique. His many admirable traits include intelligence, empathy, vulnerability, sweetness, and loyalty. Also, he has the potential to do some horrific things and has little to no remorse for the lives he has taken or the people he has harmed. Pope is still a tough person to cheer against for his devoted following. You may have an interest in these best Cyberpunk movies.

3. Frankie

FrankieSource: Animal Kingdom

Frankie entered the series as a regular a bit later on, but she’s done nothing but make viewers giggle and had them on the edge of their seats in anticipation of her next big move. She doesn’t indulge in violence, but she’s just as brilliant in organizing heists. In addition, she is hilariously sassy and fiercely protective of her friends, making her the kind of character that no viewer can truly dislike. She's a little erratic, but she's entertaining and fascinating.

2. Craig - Animal Kingdom Characters

CraigSource: Animal Kingdom

Throughout the series, Craig has experienced both highs and lows. Fans will agree that he earned their wrath when he abandoned Renn to die on her toilet floor, but they will also agree that he has developed most of the characters. Craig is grounded now; he's smart, compassionate, and determined. He's got a ton of promise, and his supporters enjoy sharing in his comedic antics and rooting for his success.

1. Deran

DeranSource: Animal Kingdom

Out of all the Cody family members, Deran is without a doubt the sweetest and most personable. He pulls off the robberies and holds his own, but the murders affect him emotionally. His friendship with Adrian added a nice touch of humanity to his character. Despite his moodiness and fickleness, he is a sarcasm legend who has a good heart and a fascinating personality. He is impossible to detest, and every fan wishes the best for this lovable guy.
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