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Who Is The Unknown God Genshin Impact? Comprehensive Story

The Unknown God Genshin Impact is an intriguing and mysterious figure. Her genuine nature has been the subject of many speculations, but what is her name? Genshin Impact kicks off with a cutscene showing the Unknown God attacking the player character, Traveler, and their identical twin. The Traveler is then sealed away until just before the game’s events, while the sibling is kidnapped.

As the Traveler explores Teyvat in search of solutions to issues, battles Fatui, and occasionally returns to their search for their sister, the main overarching plot of the game is finding Genshin Impact’s Unknown God. But who exactly is this mysterious Deity that nobody knows anything about? Don’t miss these Genshin redeem codes in 2022.

#1. Is Asmoday Genshin Impact Name Of The Unknown God Genshin Impact?

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As part of her war against humans, the Unknown God of Genshin Impact has sealed the Traveler’s ability to move between realms. Not much else is about her, though. No one knows who she is. But she has also called herself the One Who Keeps Heavenly Principles. The Traveler is on Teyvat right now, and the Archons’ answers to questions about what’s going on have been, at best vague. So, even finding out who the Unknown God of Genshin Impact is could be a light. You may find the list of 11 Fatui Harbingers In Genshin Impact interesting.

Reddit players have cracked the name of Genshin Impact’s mystery Unknown God by examining the game’s data files. In the prologue, she is shown to be tagged with the name “Asmoday,” another name for the demon Asmodeus. And since she calls herself the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles in the opening cinematic of Genshin Impact, her real name is probably “Asmoday, Sustainer of Heavenly Principles” or something along those lines. However, in Genshin Impact, most Teyvat gods and groups go by a single name. For covert operations, they employ a fictitious name alongside their real one, as with Venti in Mondstadt.

#2. Hypotheses About The Unknown God Genshin Impact

unknown god genshin impact
They have speculated The cute mascot of Genshin Impact – Paimon, be the Unknown God Asmoday. This is largely owing to the resemblance between the decorations in Paimon’s hair and the Unknown God’s doorway in Genshin Impact. If this is the case, then whether by accident or design, she is located precisely where the Traveler would never think to search. Paimon is also the name of a demon in the Ars Goetia, which is interesting, though it should be more common than several other characters also derive their names from this source. The available evidence supports this theory about the identity of the Unknown God in Genshin Impact, and it is not impossible. Paimon is still useful as a companion as the player explores Teyvat.

Herrscher of the Void

unknown god genshin impact
Knowing about the miHoYo games is essential to understanding a second fan theory about Genshin Impact, which holds that Kiana from Honkai Impact 3rd is the Unknown God. Her talents appear to be a mere reskin of Kiana’s in Honkai Impact 3rd, where she served as the second Herrscher of the Void. Kiana’s best friend and possible love interest, Raiden Mei, is named after the Raiden Shogun, a reference to the Electro Archon Baal from Inazuma. But it could just be miHoYo recycling names and assets from their older games. You may be interested in this updated news about Danganronpa 4.

New fan ideas about Genshin Impact appear every day, and it’s still unclear whether the Unknown God’s name is Asmoday and whether she is Paimon or Kiana. The true answers are likely several years away, as the update path for Genshin Impact stretches into the future. Meanwhile, the Traveler (and the players) are getting closer to the game’s end and will eventually find out more about the Unknown God.


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