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20 Confusing Photos That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

The world is weirder than you think. There are many situations when you can’t figure out what is going on. For example, you take a picture of two people looking over a beautiful beach. When you look back at that picture, you are startled to see that those two guys seem to kidnap a woman by putting her in a bag. But 3 seconds later, you realize that a confusing perspective misled you. Yes, that pic fooled your brain. Therefore, sometimes you shouldn’t trust your brain as you will never know how far it will take you. 

Do you want to experience the feeling of being misled? The ‘Confusing Perspectives’ subreddit, an online community, is dedicated to the most confusing photos. Some of the photos that we have collected below are sure to mess with your head a little and you will have to look twice at them to understand what exactly they are. Now, are you ready? Scroll down to check them out.

#1. The perfect pickpocket

Source: TheMoInside

#2. Napping comfortably

Source: MissingTheSun

#3. Couple kidnap a lady in a Sports Direct bag!!

Source: QuisnamSum

#4. Belgian soldier caked up

Source: TheYoungLung

#5. Paella looking like it is made up of humans

Source: New_Pound_8131

#6. Charge your electric cat here

Source: roygbiv1000

#7. It looks like a mockup or a giant, but it’s just me on the second floor of the college

Source: joalllucas

#8. “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

Source: Zetsubu

#9. Flintstone jet?

Source: duncan_D_sorderly

#10. Sexy legs (and also, cute dog)

Source: schmalve

#11. Ouch

Source: Individual_Tooth1736

#12. Babey

Source: mledonne

#13. I thought she was wearing toe socks

Source: BlondeRed

#14. B2 Bomber makes it look like the sky didn’t load properly

Source: ParnsipPeartree

#15. The hiker got tired and needed a ride

Source: tamman2000

#16. An awkward prom pose…?

Source: tfeller1126

#17. This cat emerging from a TV

Source: farts_tickle_my_nuts

#18. This dog

Source: Ok_University8781

#19. Dogman relaxing

Source: onebigkicker

#20. Can anyone explain this? Lol … so creepy … (I was not the shadow) …

Source: Skilax06md