10 Interviews That Ruined Celebrities’ Careers

Interviews sometimes go wrong, but for famous stars, it can be quite catastrophic. When celebrities are having a bad day, they must nevertheless manage to be entertaining, charming, and nice when all they want to do is have a nap. Sometimes they have a string of back-to-back press conferences and interviews, and they’ve already addressed the same 10 questions 10 times apiece, so they get bored and irritable and even start getting angry as a result.

The celebs can also be overly trusting and feel a little too comfortable, unwittingly disclosing secrets that they should not have shared in front of the camera. In other cases, they’re totally cheerful and friendly, but if they crack a joke or say anything caustic, sarcastic, or in jest, it doesn’t always come across that way in print. As a result, their careers often took a downturn. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 interviews that ruin celebrity careers.

#1 Katherine Heigl

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Heigl has a lengthy history of being tough to work with. However, in a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair, she was particularly harsh when she criticized the film “Knocked Up,” in which she had just featured. She called the film “a touch sexist” and criticized how it represents women, which irritated people because SHE’D agreed to be in it! A year later, she starred in “The Ugly Truth,” which was severely lambasted for being misogynistic. As a result of the entire affair, filmmakers who were already wary of working with her were given yet further reason to be wary.

#2 Charlie Sheen

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Throughout his career, this man has said and done some very stunning and controversial things. But his inclusion on today’s list may surprise you. The interview in question is his 2015 appearance on “Today,” during which he declared his HIV status. While some commended his boldness, many condemned his four-year delay in going public with it, claiming that it could have jeopardized his sexual relationships. People also criticized Sheen’s unexpectedly calm demeanor as he described his illness and battle with blackmailers. The interview, according to some, humanized Sheen more than ever before. Others saw it as further cementing his reputation as reckless, especially with other people’s lives.

#3 Megan Fox

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As a general rule, comparing the director you’re working with to Hitler is probably not a smart idea. But that’s exactly what Megan Fox did in an interview with the British magazine Wonderland. When discussing Michael Bay’s behavior on site, Fox made a comparison to Hitler, which quickly went viral. As a result, she was sacked from the “Transformers” franchise. However, not by Bay. According to Bay, the franchise’s executive producer, Steven Speilberg, pressed for her dismissal. She’s subsequently collaborated with Bay on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle flicks, which the latter produced, but Fox’s prominent roles have been few and far between since this conversation.

#4 R. Kelly

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Although the situation has changed since the 2000s, When it came to claims of sexual misconduct, R. Kelly still had supporters. He was charged with child pornography in 2002, but he was acquitted in 2008. However, an interview regarding the claims that same year insured that Kelly’s tarnished reputation would not be forgotten. When asked if he loved teenage girls, Kelly said, “When you say teenagers, how old are we talking?” Viewers, and especially the interviewer TourĂ©, were taken aback by Kelly’s reaction, which only served to strengthen the case that he was indeed guilty. The iconic response became a pivotal point in the press’ portrayal of him in the years that followed.

#5 Liam Neeson

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Neeson’s “Good morning America” in 2008 sparked an outpouring of support and criticism for the Irish actor on social media. Neeson said in that interview while promoting one of his films that one of his close friends was raped by a black man. He claimed that after learning the truth, he went out into the streets looking for trouble, hoping to kill a black man, before recognizing his mistake and feeling ashamed of himself. Many called him a racist, while others, including celebrities like Trevor Noah and Whoopi Goldberg, defended his honesty. It may not have ended his career, but it certainly declined his likability.

#6 Prince Andrew

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That “Newsnight” interview, dubbed a “car crash” by many, finally led to Prince Andrew stepping down from public obligations for The Royal Family. When asked about his close ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein by BBC’s Emily Maitlis, the Prince’s response raised many eyebrows. For starters, despite photographic evidence to the contrary, Prince Andrew flatly denied ever meeting his accuser Virginia Roberts. Other stunning responses were sprinkled throughout, such as saying he didn’t regret his association with Epstein because it provided him with “valuable” chances. The interviewer is plainly displeased with his responses, as is almost everyone else who watched it.

#7 The Chainsmokers


The musical duo The Chainsmokers then let it all hang out with Billboard in another botched attempt at sounding hardcore in a magazine interview. When asked about their crazy musical adventures, they were all too willing to brag about their wild frat boy image and fondness for sleeping with as many girls as they could – despite the fact that they both had partners. The two were widely panned and momentarily became the buzz of the musical world for all the wrong reasons. But we shouldn’t be too hard on them, right? “We’re basically frat guy dudes, you know what I mean?” they said. Loving females and stuff.” That is an exact quotation.

#8 Paula Abdul

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You know how you know when you’re drunk but don’t think you sound drunk? Perhaps you don’t! Well, there’s a decent possibility Paula Abdul knows how that feels, at least in retrospect. In this 2007 interview, she promotes the most recent season of “American Idol.” While she later dismissed the concept as “falsehoods,” several viewers wondered if she’d had a few drinks or used other stimulants. This one has it all: delayed reactions and hilarious moments. The interview went viral, and it became an indelible aspect of Abdul’s career. She departed “American Idol” as a judge two years later owing to a wage dispute, and she disappeared out of the public eye for a spell.

#9 5 Seconds of Summer

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Being interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine is a huge deal for a band. So much so that it’s easy to get caught up in attempting to sound blatantly rock and roll. That is precisely what occurred with the band 5 Seconds of Summer. In a 2015 interview, the band did everything from comparing themselves to The Beatles to dismissing or criticizing the “American Music Awards,” Justin Bieber, and their female fans – aka the vast majority of their fan base. They were chastised for their remarks and for seeming like narcissistic prima donnas in general. It didn’t hurt that they were naked on the front cover, either.

#10 Billy Bush

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Do yourself a favor and assume that if you’re wearing a microphone, everyone is already listening. In this infamous “Access Hollywood” video, presenter Billy Bush and Donald Trump cruise into a TV studio to record, unaware of knowing their microphones are turned on. They riff on Trump’s sexual exploits, which include grabbing women, while on the bus, and discuss how power may give you free license to do whatever you want. We even hear them discussing how lovely “Days of Our Lives” actress Arianne Zucker is before they meet her when they get off the bus. Following a rating slump, Bush was suspended from the “Today” show and later quit. He has now had to justify himself in interviews several times.