15 Construction Fails That Make You Glad You Weren't There

Quality and safety should come first, right? Alas! The actual world doesn't operate like that. During building projects, caution, common sense, and genuine effort are occasionally entirely disregarded in favor of speed, subpar quality, and risking your neck (sometimes very literally).

Being an architect is no easy job. There's little room for mistakes, and as long as your design is still standing, its on full display for the rest of the world to see. Take a look at these construction fails that gave us second-hand embarrassment.

Some construction workers terrify the internet with the results of their labor, whether it's because of a lack of talent, a lack of resources, or a complete disregard for safety procedures. The subreddit r/ConstructionFails hosts the worst of the bunch. Everything related to construction that goes wrong is shamed in this online forum. Things that would likely drive OSHA crazy and alarm any structural inspector.

#1 Parkour!

Source: mpcromar

#2 To install an air conditioning unit

Source: dapper333

#3 Why...just why?

Source: ratkinggo

#4 What could go wrong

Source: PuzzleheadedRaise565

#5 Ooops

Source: nopenope911

#6 We call this one, “the landlord supremo”

Source: wheekwheekmeow

#7 Bro think your house is separating from you

Source: Aquila_1214

#8 Neighbors attempting to reinforce their stone wall with….spray foam insulation

Source: tacobonerstink

#9 Lead to nowhere

Source: Bored Panda

#10 Mind the Step

Source: @sarahschauer

This just goes to show that planning ahead is super important. While the kids may find it fun to have a room that sort of floats above the staircase, this is certainly not ideal. It could also be a little dangerous.

Perhaps they had intended for the door to arrive at the top of the staircase, and they almost got it... but not quite. It also doesn't help that the door opens outwards. If someone comes running up the stairs without knowing that someone else is exiting the room, we might just have a casualty on our hands.

#11 The pull-out potty

Source: @sillymerricat

We can't imagine that there's much room left for one's head when they're sitting on this toilet. There is a plus side though... They've certainly made that toilet look like the throne of the house. You can go to the bathroom and feel like a king, all from the comfort of your very own pull-out potty.

#12 Love a good slide

Source: @lil_kombucha

Can you imagine anything worse than waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, and suddenly... you hear a different kind of 'plop.' The counter slides right into the toilet bowl, and we're sure this isn't the first or last toothbrush that had to fall on his sword. Somebody grab that toothpaste!

#13 The stairway to nothing

Source: @bluekaracter

Unless you're one of those healthier folks who like to take the stairs at every opportunity for the free workout, taking the elevator usually seems like the better idea. However, sometimes you aren't provided with a choice, and your only option is to get ready for the climb.

Can you picture people making the effort to walk up the stairs only to realize that it doesn't even go anywhere? One usually doesn't check beforehand because you kind of assume that the stairs will get you to the top. Well, not in this case, and we feel sorry for all those walkers who had to learn this the hard way.

#14 The pointless rail

Source: @gewchiiii

Sure, safety is important, and you should never have a balcony without some sort of railing. However, it doesn't seem to be as much of a necessity when you don't have a balcony, let alone a floor up there. While we can appreciate the extra effort, this house does look a tiny bit like a prison.

Then we have to address the cables that seems to be coming out of all sides. We can only assume that has to be a little bit dangerous. Especially if there's a lightning storm! We just hope they got some decent wifi or TV channels out of the deal, otherwise this doesn't seem too fair on the homeowners.

#15 Bathroom with a view

Source:  @gone2heven

This couldn't possibly be on purpose, but on the off chance that it is... let us analyze this unique design. Unlike our previous picture of unfinished balconies, this house was lucky enough to get the full package. However, there is one tiny downside to the beautiful out door deck. Can you guess what it is?

The winner goes to whoever noticed that the only way to get to the deck is through the bathroom. We can only assume that's caused some awkward situations in the past. Hopefully there's another door somewhere that we don't know about and this bathroom door can stay closed.

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