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10 Famous Stars Who Own The Most Unusual Pets

When thinking about pets, we usually think about cats or dogs. However, some celebrities really think outside of their boxes and decide to get themselves exotic animals instead. The bizarreness can go from tame animals such as chickens, tortoises, and donkeys, to wild and more dangerous ones such as lions, wolves, and cobras. Truly, humans these days will pet anything that they see as “cute” to them.

But while the exotic world of celebrities’ pets can be fascinating to a lot of people, it’s important to keep in mind that wild animals are not pets. Even in good hands, just a small mistake can make them become aggressive and they can also feel depressed when they are not in their natural environment. With that in mind, let’s satisfy your curiosity about some of the weirdest pets in Hollywood.

1. Kristen Stewart – Wolf-Hybrids

Source: Pinterest

As much as the fans want it, Bella Swan doesn’t own a giant wolf in real life, but she does own four wolf-dog hybrids as pets. Kristen Stewart’s wolf-dog hybrids were named Lily, Jack, Tommy, and Lola. They’re currently living in her mother’s land in California, and the actress frequently visits them. The hybrid wolves were rescued and then bought in by Stewart’s mother a few years back. They are licensed and well-socialized, however, the family had some troubles with neighbors who believed the dogs were wild animals and should not be kept as pets.

2. Justin Bieber – Monkey


The famous singer Justin Bieber was given a Capuchin monkey as a birthday gift from a relative. Bieber named his new pet OG Mally. He adored the pet so much that he decided to take him along on a trip to Germany for his tour. However, things didn’t go well for Bieber as the monkey turned out to be an endangered animal in Germany. In the end, Bieber lost his pet to the authorities’ hands and was also fined $8000 for the incident. Nowadays OG Mally is living in a German zoo in the city of Hodenhagan.

3. Melanie Griffith – Lions

Source: Michael Rougier / The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock

The lions are actually not Melanie Griffith’s pets. They were her mother’s pets. Tippi Hedren is an inspiring actor, an amazing animal rights activist, and a lady who loves cats, especially big ones. Her love passed on to her daughter, and that was how Melanie Griffith grew up with a lion named Neil. The animal played around the house, as well as lived inside with the family. Dakota Johnson, Griffith’s daughter, shared that the number of big cats used to be 60, but it has gone down to 14 by now. Most of them have been transferred to huge compounds and it was a lot safer, both for the cats and the people around them.

4. Nicolas Cage – Cobras

Source: NYPost

It’s no secret that Nicolas Cage loves reptiles. He has shown us many of his slithering pals before. His pets are bizarre, to say the least. It includes two albino king cobras Moby and Sheba, an octopus, a two-headed snake named Harvey, a five-foot-long speckled Asian water monitor lizard, a talking crow, and numerous turtles, fish, and cats. However, Cage seems to understand the danger of keeping wild animals as pets, and he consistently gives his exotic friends to reputable zoos and wildlife centers once they become too much to handle at home.

5. Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban – Alpacas

Source: Nicole Kidman’s Instagram

Back in 2017, during a video interview with Vogue magazine, Nicole Kidman showed us her love for her alpacas. The beloved alpacas are original from South America, but they are well-adapted in Australia. They have more than enough space to get comfortable considering their owner has a 111-acre farm a few hours from Sydney.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Donkeys

Source: Twitter / Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you’re a fan of the terminator and had followed him on his Instagram, you have to know about his donkeys. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pets are two adorable donkeys that he often shows us on his Instagram feed. The actor even posted a picture of him singing Happy Birthday to Lulu, one of the donkeys when it turned one year old. What a sweet man!

7. Jennifer Garner – Chicken


Fans adore Jennifer Garner as well as her pet chicken. The actress showed her chicken, Regina George, to all of us through pictures. In those pictures, the little animal was on a leash, and the actress shared that she loved long walks. The pictures of her with her chicken are bound to make you smile at how absolutely adorable the duo is.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio – Tortoise

Source: Getty IMAGES

Leonardo DiCaprio is most likely known as a dog person, but he also owns a pet that can accompany him for up to 100 years. His African Spurred tortoise can weigh up to 200 pounds and costs him $400. The actor purchased the tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim. However, Leonardo is also an environmental activist. We wouldn’t be surprised if the star handover the tortoise to a sanctuary.

9. Martha Stewart – Peacocks

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The famous chef, the darling of many cooking gurus, Martha Stewart seems to have a lot of feathery friends. Among her sizeable collection of birds on her farm including geese and chickens, her “Blues Brothers” are a standout pair. It’s a pair of peacocks with beautifully vibrant feathers that can charm anyone.

10. Ice-T – Shark

Source: Pinterest

The rapper has always had a fascination with sharks. So after having a swimming session with them during his trip to the Bahamas, Ice-T decided to have one as a pet. His long-kept secret has been revealed in his house tour, in which he showed us he has several pet sharks in a huge aquarium in his home. “I’ve always tried to have a spa-like environment… You spend money and go on vacations to have that tranquility so I try to make it in my house – when the dogs aren’t barking and Chanel’s not going crazy,” he said during an interview with AllHipHop.