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7 Most Expensive Dental Transformations By Celebrities

Because of the consistent need for actors, actresses, and musicians to look a certain way for film roles, concert tours, music videos, and other projects, the fitness training industry for celebrities has thrived over the years. These trainers may only deal with a handful of famous people at a time, but they earn significantly more than their counterparts who work with hundreds of regular people.

This article ranks the top seven highest-paid celebrity trainers as of 2022. It’s worth noting that celebrity trainers tend to be discreet about details like their salary. In addition to their revenue from their work with celebrities, they have other sources of income. This page lists, in no particular sequence, the various sources’ estimated net worths.

1. Cheryl Chloe

Source: Getty Images

Cheryl was born with a mouthful of crooked and protruding teeth. However, this has been replaced with a set of porcelain veneers that are straight, white, and superior in shape. It costs Chloe about $10,000 to complete her makeover or about $500 per tooth. Pearl Dental, a London-based practice, is where the enchanted touch first appeared. Now that she’s found her confidence, Chloe flashes a dazzling grin every time she walks the red carpet.

2. Zac Efron

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Efron’s teeth in High School Musical were noticeably spaced apart at the time. It gave him a distinguishing trait in high school that worked well with his personality. This is no longer an issue because invisible braces were used to give him an adult male appearance. The beautiful smile he currently sports results from a teeth-whitening operation he underwent. Reports say the star dropped a cool ten grand on the procedure, including whitening his teeth.

3. Demi Moore

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Getting veneers and laser teeth whitening reportedly cost the actress over $20,000. She did not have horrendously imperfect teeth, but she did wish to alter their appearance. She now has a dazzling grin, thanks to the veneers she picked. With that grin, she could stop traffic on the red carpet.

4. Cardi B

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Hope you don’t know it ain’t cheap, but I got a bag and had my teeth fixed. Belcalis “Cardi B” Almanzar, a famous rapper, did not sugarcoat the lyrics. According to Cardi B’s dentist, Dr. Catrise Austin, the rapper spent $12,500 on veneers. If you don’t like your teeth the way they are, she says you should do what she did.1

5. Julia Roberts

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The actress from “Sex and the City” has baffled many with her charming grin. However, credit for that should go to a skilled dentist. Julia estimates that she has spent about $15,000 on veneers. With the help of dental specialists, they gave her the perfect grin by lengthening and aligning her teeth.

6. Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise has a charming smile, but his self-performed feats may be more well-known. A skilled dentist created this work of art. In the 1980s, when young Tom Cruise first appeared on screen, he had crooked teeth. As Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible, Cruise had to have nearly flawless teeth. It cost him thirty thousand dollars to get this dazzling grin, so please treat it with more respect.

7. George Clooney

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In front of our very eyes, George Clooney has aged beautifully. His bright grin plays a major role in making him seem so young. The good news is that it has already been sold. Thus it is available to you. George Clooney paid $30,000 for his smile, or $1,000 each tooth. Clooney spent thousands of dollars on veneers and stuffed them into his lips. He also had laser therapy to open up the space between his teeth. When he straightened his smile, Clooney was the one that turned heads. Therefore, set aside some funds and upgrade yours.