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10 Movie Couples Who Acted All Lovey-dovey On Screen But Not So Loving In Reality

The chemistry between characters is important, especially in romantic movies. Cult classics such as The Notebook, Four Christmases, and I Love Trouble are three great examples of how good chemistry can make us fall hard for the main couples. But don’t let the movies fool ya! These iconic couples might be all lovey-dovey on the screen, but a peek behind the scenes may tell a different story.

Actors and Actresses that work well together on the screen do not necessarily get along well in real life. Let’s take a look at 10 duos that are full of chemistry on screen but reportedly hated each other in real life.

1. Rachel McAdams And Ryan Gosling – The Notebook

Source: New Line Cinema

The Notebook is no doubt a true romance classic. It can make even the toughest man shed a tear. While the interactions between the lead roles in the movie are great, turns out that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling weren’t exactly all lovey-dovey off the screen. They don’t get along at first. Gosling even came to the film’s director, Nick Cassavetes, and requested he replace Rachel. The director revealed this secret during his interview with VH-1. He remarked, “Maybe I’m not supposed to tell this story, but they were really not getting along one day on set. Really not.”

2. Angelina Jolie And Johnny Depp – The Tourist

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

The smoldering eyes these two people gave each other in the movie are insane. Their gazes make us fall for them so hard that the rumors about Jolie and Depp’s feud floating around seemed so B.S at that time. However, in reality, there was tension between the two, just not the romantic kind. Allegedly, Jolie was feeling fed up with Johnny during the shooting of the film. Meanwhile, Depp reportedly thought that Jolie was “really full of herself.”

3. Jennifer Aniston And Jay Mohr – Picture Perfect

Source: 20th Century Fox

The famous actress wanted her then-boyfriend Tate Donovan for the role, so when 20th Century Fox cast Mohr as the love interest, Aniston wasn’t happy. She made sure that everybody on set knew this, especially Mors. In a 2010 interview, Mors said making the movie was his worst film experience ever.

“The leading [lady] was unhappy with my presence and made it clear from day one,” he said. The actor further revealed how unfriendly Aniston was, remarkingThe actress said, ‘No way! You’ve got to be kidding me!’ Loudly. Between takes. To other actors on set”. Morh also said that he went to his mom’s house and cried afterward.

4. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn – Four Christmases

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Extreme opposites are a common trope in romantic movies. However, Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn were not drawn to each other in any kind of way. Witherspoon was a perfectionist and loved lots of rehearsals, while Vaugh preferred improvisation and had a more casual attitude. They found each other completely frustrating to deal with, so much so that Vaughn refused to do any publicity for the film, which tanked at the box office.

5. Dakota Johnson And Jamie Dornan – 50 Shades Of Grey

Source: Universal Pictures

Fifty Shades of Grey is supposed to be the pinnacle of cheesiness when it comes to romantic movies, yet a lot of audiences were disappointed with how lacking the live-action was, compared to the books. We thought that the actors were shy. It’s a pretty spicy saga after all.

In reality, the two main leads just don’t like each other at all. Johnson even said “It’s mechanical … More of a task.” when asked about the sex scenes. To further show their great dislike towards each other, during an interview with “Today’s” Natalie Morales, the stars both shook their heads no when asked if they had instant chemistry. And when Morales remarked, “You hate each other,” Dornan nodded yes, and Johnson studied the ceiling.

6. Meryl Streep And Dustin Hoffman – Kramer vs. Kramer


The iconic 1979 film might earn Streep her first Oscar, but it’s certainly not an experience she wants to go through again. The movie was filmed when Hoffman was at the peak of his fame. He took it upon himself to teach Streep how to act. Keep in mind that at this time, Streep was still in mourn for her lover’s death.

Hoffman reportedly taunted her about him to help her “get into character.” He didn’t stop there, even unexpectedly slapping her across the face right before the cameras rolled. Streep later recalled, “When you’re an actor, you’re in a scene, you have to feel free… But this was my first movie, and it was my first take in my first movie, and he just slapped me. And you see it in the movie. It was overstepping.”

7. Julia Roberts And Nick Nolte – I Love Trouble

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

The film was named I Love Trouble, and indeed there was a lot of trouble during the shooting of this film. Allegedly, co-stars Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte hated each other so much that they had to film their scenes separately. The crew even has to use stand-ins to create on-screen chemistry in the movie.

Roberts, who played Sabrina Peterson, later slammed Nolte (Peter Brackett) in The New York Times and said while he can be “charming and nice, he’s also completely disgusting.” Nolte fired back, “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting.’ But she’s not a nice person. Everyone knows that.”

8. Claire Danes And Leonardo DiCaprio – Romeo + Juliet

Source: 20th Century Fox

Despite playing the infamous star-crossed lovers on screen, there were a lot of rumors swirling that Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get along. Danes shared that she reportedly found DiCaprio immature. She also felt awkward acting with him, remarked “There was definitely a spark, but I don’t think either of us knew how to handle it. So we sometimes sort of ignored each other. It was too big for us to really accept.”

9. Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson – Gilmore Girls

Source: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The rumors about Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson’s feud started when Lauren told a reported “no” to the question of whether or not she and Scott were “best friends,” then moved the conversation on. However, this is just a case of misunderstanding the context. The actress explained, “We’re not intimate. We talk kind of how we talk [on the show]. We work well together.”

They might not be best friends, but they certainly don’t hate each other’s guts like the internet want us to believe.

10. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing

Source: Vestron Pictures

Their chemistry was off-the-charts on screen, but not so great in real life. Swayze wrote in his memoir that he couldn’t stand Grey’s “silly moods” and her prone to bursting into tears anytime someone criticized her. But in the end, all was forgiven some years later. Nowadays the two are good friends.