20+ Touching Photos of Elderly Pets That Remind Us to Cherish Every Moment With Our Loved Ones

#11. “This is Papi, my best friend! He turns 12 soon and I think the world of him!”

#12. “This old man turned 15 today. Let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday!”

#13. A baby and his wise, dependable, and caring 14-year-old friend

#14. “Meet Abby! She’s 22. She can barely meow nowadays, and a bit of her left ear is missing. But she’s still the cutest cat on earth!’

#15. “I adopted this 13-year-old girl 2 weeks ago. I think we’re really getting along.”

#16. “My Japanese friend’s cat has just turned 15.”

#17. Jane is 14 years old and still gorgeous.

#18. “Hello, everyone! Today is my 18th birthday.”

#19. “Not many farm cats live to be 18, but Carrot is among the lucky few!”

#20. “My best buddy turns 11 this month!”

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