7 Celebrities Who Have Einstein-Level Brains

This essay will point you in the proper direction if you’re the type of person who values intelligence and physical attractiveness. If Albert Einstein were alive today, he would probably be blown away by the intelligence of these people. It’s one thing to be a fantastic performer or a stunningly attractive person; it’s another to be both of these things and a genius. It’s safe to state that these people’s genes are exceptional.

As we take you on a roller coaster of amazing celebrities with brains the rest of us would kill for, remember that their IQs represent the absolute pinnacle of intellectual prowess. These celebrities with smart brains have “genius” IQs, making them far more intelligent than 99 percent of the world’s population. Today, we have listed 7 celebrities who have Einstein-Level brains.

7. Alicia Keys: 154 IQ

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Alicia Keys would be the first person to come to mind if musical ability and IQ were correlated. While there is a correlation between intelligence and musical ability, there’s no way to prove that a pianist has an IQ of 154. Alicia Keys was valedictorian at 16 years old. She briefly attended Columbia University but left to pursue music full-time. She’s talented and stunning. We figured dropping out of college when you could have finished first was a good problem if it led to one of the most distinguished music careers ever. It’s unbelievable.

6. Kesha: 140 IQ

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Maybe it was the stigma of the ‘ditzy singer’ or the ‘stupid blonde’ jokes, but this one startled us. Kesha reportedly scored 1500 on her SATs and has an IQ of 140 or higher. A 140 IQ puts a person in the 99.6%ile of the globe. Kesha’s smart. Like other artists on this list, she never finished college due to her outstanding voice and theatrical presence. Kesha is a genius and a theatrical star.

5. Sylvester Stallone: 160 IQ

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When you think of Sylvester Stallone, you usually picture Rocky getting beaten senselessly while whimpering, “Adrian!” Think again if you think a character that bleeds and screams hyperbole isn’t smart. Sylvester Stallone said he wrote the Rocky script in three days, which is astounding, but it’s not hard to envision Albert Einstein doing the same. We’ll never look at Sylvester Stallone the same way again. Sylvester Stallone may be old and out of shape, but his brain is still keen.

4. Emma Watson: 140 IQ

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Emma Watson probably isn’t the biggest surprise on this list. Emma Watson is a genius. She has that ‘x-factor’ air of boldness and knowledge, or maybe it was playing Hermione in Harry Potter, a know-it-all student. Emma Watson attended Brown University, but her fame and fears prevented her from studying full-time. Emma Watson is a self-proclaimed feminist and art enthusiast. Despite her portentous and capricious character, she is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished actors.

3. Madonna: 140 IQ

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Was Madonna ever topped? She’s one of the most successful stars of the last 30 years but has also caused controversy. Madonna’s IQ contributes to her appeal and charisma. Like many people on this list, Madonna dropped out of college, yet she defeated all odds and has had one of the most successful careers ever. It’s hard to think that someone America has watched grow up and develop for decades is a talented intellectual.

2. Matt Damon: 160 IQ

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Matt Damon played a genius in Good Will Hunting, which has nothing to do with his true brilliance. Who drops out of Harvard?! Matt Damon dropped out and became a bankable actor. His intelligence? It’s hard to explain his 160 IQ. A 160 IQ is 99.99 percentile, according to data. Matt Damon’s brains may be more outstanding than his acting talent.

1. Shakira: 140 IQ

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This Colombian beauty has a 140 IQ, which is extraordinary since the average IQ is 100. Forty points may not seem like much, but it’s enough to put her in the top 99% of the globe. Shakira isn’t usually thought of as a genius. Shakira doesn’t seem to have a genius-level mind. As remarkable as Shakira is on stage, she’s just as impressive, if not more so, when taking a standardized test or reading Shakespeare.