Living Blade Marvel - The One Who Gives Black Widow Goosebumps

In the Black Widow comics, They reveal that Natasha has impressive self-control. However, she has one opponent, Living Blade Marvel, that has made her nervous like she hasn't been in years.
Characteristically, Natasha Romanoff is famous for her roles as spy, assassin, and hero. In that period, she has consistently projected an air of command, as if she can come out on top even when she's battered and bruised. However, there are still instances when even the Black Widow must accept defeat or dread. The encounter between Black Widow and the deadly assassin known as the Living Blade in issues #12 and #13 (by Kelly Thompson, Rafael T. Pimentel, Jordie Bellaire, and Cory Petit) is a prime example of this.

#1. Biggest Fear Of Black Widow #8: The Living Blade Marvel

In Yelena and Natasha comics

living blade marvel Source: Marvel Comics
Natasha Romanoff has suffered deeply in the 2020 series after a group of villains implanted her husband and son's memories. She makes it difficult to cut ties with them for their happiness, even though she knows their love is genuine. After processing her emotions and experiences with them, she resolves to pursue justice instead of vengeance. Therefore, she decides to adopt San Francisco as her permanent residence and fight for its protection.
She has friends with a few heroes, including Yelena Belova and Anya Corazon. There are a few villains she has faced that readers have never seen before, like the Living Blade, whose fear of Natasha is quite worthy. Moreover, you may find these fascinating facts about Atom Eve interesting.

Living Blade Marvel & Black Widow

Natasha's background is fraught with extraterrestrial danger, betrayal of friends, and the murder of a close ally. But she has met every challenge with the same stoicism, confidence, and inner conviction that she will ultimately prevail. However, that has never meant that she lacks healthy respect for danger. Rather, it suggests that she should exercise extreme caution and focus whenever she finds herself in a defensive position. The Living Blade demonstrates this in a long battle with Natasha, who is fighting to stay alive, but ultimately loses because of The Living Blade's superior speed and ferocity. He leaves her with the promise of a reunion after she says she would rather die than run.
Natasha isn't the type to let fear rule her life, so she's been carrying on as if she has completely forgotten about the Living Blade. Nonetheless, constantly worrying about a dormant opponent is counterproductive to her profession. She might have forgotten about him or not, but the fact that she got surprised to see him again shows that she thought she was safe while he was gone. Natasha's first surprise shows that she has to make a choice that goes against everything she's learned about the world since she met him.

The Living Blade Outperforms Black Widow

living blade marvelTo her surprise, she recognizes the Living Blade from their first encounter and notices CLint in the other chamber, perhaps unconscious or worse. In contrast to what you may expect, she doesn't jump in but thinks, "...I can't do this again!" Natasha has done something completely out of character, and now she must decide if she can face him again to save her buddy or if she must try to flee him once more. Natasha is tapping into a previously untapped portion of her brain to experience such irrational terror. How one man can make her feel so exposed is even more intriguing.
They tested her emotionally and physically breaking points in the latest Black Widow installments. The Living Blade doesn't require a moniker; just being in his presence is devastating. Natasha is, at her core, someone who has never experienced the kind of fear that comes with facing an overwhelming adversary. Nonetheless, exposing this element of the character enables growth in previously unseen directions, and by using her desire to aid others as drive, she will eventually have to face her concerns.
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