9 Stories Showing How Awful Celebrities Treated Their Assistants

Being a famous person’s assistant might be a dream job. Advantages abound, as does unbelievable proximity to A-listers. You have to admit that that seems like an ideal job, right? Wrong. The stories of famous people being horrible to their subordinates are especially shocking.

The life of aides to famous people are not as glamorous as the public imagines. Indeed, they frequently rub shoulders with famous people, but that privilege comes at a high price. Consider the helper who works with Lady Gaga. She says she shared a bed with the pop star and was ready to help with anything Lady Gaga could have required in the middle of the night. And that’s not quite as horrible as what reportedly happened to Taryn Manning’s aide, who plays Piper in Orange is the New Black.

1. Naomi Campbell

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Everyone is well aware of the nightmare that is collaborating with Naomi Campbell, the supermodel. An incident in 2001 in which Campbell reportedly tossed a phone at her assistant is reported by People. Another allegation made by the assistant was that the model “grabbed her by the arms and shoved her down on a couch.” Campbell admitted guilt on a different assault allegation in February 2000 for assaulting an employee.

Campbell got into fresh legal difficulties in September 2016 after being accused of using a phone to strike a “former public schoolboy” (an affluent young man), causing a bruise on his cheek. The young man, who worked for a public relations business and was recruited to help restore Campbell’s reputation, was visiting her at a Manhattan hotel when an altercation ensued.

2. Courtney Love

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Singer Courtney Love was sued by her former assistant, Jessica Labrie. Labrie accused the singer of having “an inappropriate and bad intention amounting to malice or disgusting behavior,” as reported by Rolling Stone. There are claims that Labrie “worked over 60-hour weeks without extra pay, was compelled to send bogus legal letters, and was pressured to recruit a computer hacker.”

3. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga was sued in 2013 by her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, who claimed she was owed overtime pay. O’Neill claimed in court records that she was responsible for Lady Gaga’s needs around the clock and that the two “often slept in the same bed because O’Neill never had her own hotel room while on tour.”

4. Jennifer Lopez

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It’s common knowledge that J. Lo is the ultimate diva, but her reputation extends much deeper than we realized. The diva forbids touch with the construction crew at her new house, even making eye contact.

And, as Gawker reports, she outlined the following qualifications for her new assistant: “A calm demeanor under fire, a high pain threshold, and the ability to improvise in unfamiliar environments are also necessary. You will have to be available at all times… If the butler isn’t around, you’ll have to cook, clean, and change diapers. You must be aware of J. Lo’s snacking schedule. She won’t ask for food, but you should provide for it nevertheless.”

5. Lindsay Lohan

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Perez Hilton claims that after Lindsay Lohan’s bail bond was posted, her assistant Gavin Doyle was thrown out of a car by Lohan. Gawker claims she also falsely blamed Doyle for a car accident earlier that day.

6. Sharon Stone

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Those who work with Sharon Stone may attest to her notoriously awful treatment of her employees. According to court records acquired by Radar, Stone allegedly informed one of his former workers, Angelica Castillo, that she had to come to work despite her doctor’s orders that she “undertake a limited period of bed rest.” The actress reportedly labeled Castillo “crazy and foolish” after claiming that Castillo was still in pain four months later.

7. Christian Bale

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Harrison Cheung worked as Christian Bale’s assistant for over ten years and authored the biography Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman. In his memory,

“Christian asked me to take care of his five cats and any stray possums that showed up in the backyard while he was gone filming. I would do everything for Christian, from checking his armpits for body odor before he walked the red carpet to running out and buying new socks when he ran out. A duty may be as fascinating as attending a film festival or as boring as watching Christian surf while he was required on land.”

8. Beyoncé

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Queen Bey has been known to silence her staff on the red carpet. Us Weekly stated that the star’s aide was repairing her clothing as she posed for photos at an event. In a revealing conversation, “The famous actress glances at her assistant, smiles, and urges her to “stop it” as she begins her red carpet poses. The helper quickly stops, moves to the side, and lets Beyonce enjoy the spotlight unimpeded.”

9. Paris Hilton

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It has been said that Paris Hilton can only carry light objects, like a purse or a small dog. The Daily Mail had an especially revealing description of a Paris sighting: “Looking groomed in a gorgeous chiffon tea dress and matched cream purse and heels, Paris went from car to studio – as her partner emerged from the same vehicle packed with bags and Halloween costumes.”