9 Favorite Stars You Didn't Know They Acted Like A Jerk On Plane

It's safe to assume that no one famous ever becomes renowned for being pleasant or patient. The list of famous people denied boarding is, therefore, not short. Instead, it's a long, detailed catalog of famous people who went rogue, to the point that they were booted from planes (not in flight, but the crew may have considered it), arrested at airports, and criticized by eyewitnesses in the press.
You can't be a jerk just because you're famous; as this list indicates, there will be repercussions. Look at these famous people that tabloids have thrown under the bus, out of planes, and into jail for no good reason.

1. Selma Blair

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Selma Blair was removed from a June 2016 Delta aircraft from Cancun, Mexico, to Los Angeles International Airport when she lost it. Blair reportedly began screaming and yelling on the aircraft because she had mixed alcohol and prescription medicine. She said things like, "He burns my private[s] [...] He won't let me eat or drink." Apparently, she was reportedly heard declaring: "I lost to him. He plans to kill me, eventually."

2. Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks's notoriety likely stems more from her antics than her music. (She's an artist, right?) The incident occurred in September 2015, and footage shows the rapper cursing at a flight attendant, calling her a "f*cking f*ggot." As Banks' aircraft landed in Los Angeles, she was so hurried to leave the airport that she pushed past a French couple. Banks recoiled when the flight attendant removed her luggage, ordered her to calm down, and then left the aircraft.

3. Kate Moss

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Kate Moss didn't return with a more relaxed outlook on life after a week of yoga and sunbathing in Turkey. In June 2015, after the arrival of the supermodel's easyJet trip in London, she was immediately removed from the plane. A "non-compliant passenger" was the only reason officials gave for their arrival. Some on the aircraft, however, claim Moss was imbibing vodka from her carry-on and may have gotten into a dispute with flight attendants about the high cost of soda.
Others on the plane say, though, that Moss was drinking vodka out of her bag and may have gotten into a fight about how expensive soda was.

4. Alec Baldwin

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The flight attendant's request that you power off all electronic devices must be taken seriously. It has been reported that Alec Baldwin refused to switch off his cell phone while waiting for takeoff from LAX. He was asked several times, but he ignored each of them. The pilot had to remove Baldwin and taxi the plane back to the terminal.

5. Naomi Campbell

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Airports and Naomi Campbell: You must know this doesn't end well. The supermodel lost it during a trip from London to Los Angeles with British Airlines in April 2008. Before the plane even took off from Heathrow Airport, she had gotten herself kicked off. You may be wondering what finally triggered Ms. Campbell's anger. Cartage misplaced.

6. Snoop Dogg

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Rapper Snoop Dogg and his posse created complete chaos at London's Heathrow Airport in April 2006. They became understandably irate when Snoop and his crew were denied access to the British Airlines first-class airport lounge. Seven police officers were injured in the ensuing "mini-riot." During the chaos, Snoop and his crew tossed whiskey bottles. Everyone was caught. The next year, the United Kingdom canceled Snoop's tour when he was denied a visa.

7. David Hasselhoff

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You had to know The Hoff would show up here, right? Yep. David Hasselhoff wasn't allowed to board a British Airlines aircraft in 2008 because he was drunk. Of course, he denied it because we all know that Hasselhoff doesn't drink at all besides in this montage. Passengers said that he was not hostile but had difficulty maintaining his balance.

8. Courtney Love

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In 2003, singer Courtney Love caused widespread attention when she refused to take a seat on a Virgin Airlines aircraft and acted like Courtney Love. She was disruptive on the Los Angeles to London trip, refusing to buckle up, calming down, and yelling at the flight attendants. She was held for many hours after the plane arrived. What went wrong, then? She was fuming because a flight attendant had denied her friend access to first class.

9. Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds was sickened aboard a flight from New York to New Orleans on October 20, 2013. When relaxing in business class. By the guy in front of him who threw up on the glass. One passenger said the vomit seemed "primarily comprised of red wine," They provided Reynolds, wearing a beige sweater and sitting next to his wife Blake Lively, aircraft napkins so he could clean up the mess.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the napkins didn't get rid of the puke or the smell, so the handsome star took off the sweater and wore a thin t-shirt for the rest of the flight, according to reports.
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