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9 Celebrity Outfits That Once Caused Controversy, Then Revolutionized Fashion Industry

A colorful picture on stage may become a singer’s characteristic style, such as the white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe or the dazzling suit worn by Michael Jackson. Both of these looks were iconic for the singers who wore them. Our recollections of their appearances are pretty clear. We took the decision to go into history and think back on legendary men’s and women’s attire that created a splash in the media and went on to become iconic.

1. Jennifer Lopez

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The low-rise jeans and crop tops of the 2000s stand out in particular. Both were instantly recognizable after Jennifer Lopez wore them to an MTV awards show. While accepting the prize for Best Dance Video, she, too, accessorized with a bandana.

2. Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston’s vibrant wardrobe made her a fashion icon; in the 1990s, she might have passed for a Barbie doll. But when the new decade arrived, everything shifted. To promote her album I’m Your Baby Tonight, Houston toured the world in 1991. On this tour, she wore mostly glittery overalls because it was what was in style at the time. She donned a traditional outfit for her Paris performance: black overalls with a belt studded with crystals.

3. Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has said that she frequently wore the same costumes at the beginning of her career because of financial constraints. And she craved public acclaim. For instance, she had a signature costume consisting of red overalls, a red hood, and red gloves that she used for both interviews and live performances. The artist also declared her intention always to use the white hairpiece.

4. Katy Perry

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Katy Perry, dressed like a movie star, appeared during one of her 2012 concerts from a giant bucket of popcorn. The singer’s attire was so well received that her devotees began recreating it and trying it on. The process of making such a garment is documented in a book.

5. Britney Spears

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Britney Spears’ red latex costume is an iconic piece of her wardrobe. She wore it in the music video for “Oops!.. I Did It Again.” The costume designer conceived and executed the legendary outfit in a single day. Because she would need to move around so much in it, he was concerned that the singer would pass out during filming. When filming was over, and the outfit was unfastened, a pail of perspiration reportedly fell on the floor. Spears performed admirably despite the day’s difficulties. It became an incredible video that has become an instant classic.

6. Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue’s “Spinning Around” video was launched in 2000 and quickly became a fan favorite. The image of her dancing in a golden T-shirt and shorts has become iconic. Minogue and her friend Katerina Jebb, who had a taste for antiques, picked up these shorts at a flea market for a few pieces of gum.

7. Madonna

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In 1990, during her Blonde Ambition tour, the public witnessed Madonna wearing a provocative cone-shaped bra. It was created by Jean-Paul Gaultier. The performer approached him directly to design an ensemble for her shows. The designer also made a peculiar corset to go with the bra. Rather than cinching the waist, it left the room. To add insult to injury, it was stunning.

8. Cher

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The outfit she wore in the video for “If I Could Turn Back Time” became famous because it fit the song’s theme well. In the clip, Cher can be seen on board a ship doing a concert for the crew. She was dressed in a leather jacket over a one-piece swimsuit and fishnet stockings. Even after 9 p.m., only MTV would air the video due to the widespread ban on television. A more covert version of the video was filmed at a later date.


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ABBA’s colorful, flashy, and even absurd clothes made a big sensation. Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus, one of the band members, once remarked that no one dressed as poorly as they did for a concert. It’s interesting to note that the attention-grabbing appearances weren’t picked just for that purpose. The Swedish government’s tax policies had an impact on the sound of the group. The price of a costume was deducted from a person’s taxable income if it was so impractical that it could not be worn in public.