9 Celebrities Who Were Real Jerks Before Getting Famous

Most celebrities known for their unpleasant conduct will, as a general rule, make an effort to cover up their less-than-desirable behavior if the fan is being disrespectful to tell the press about it. However, before really unpleasant celebrities were renowned, they did not have to worry about being discovered by bloggers or gossip magazines, so they were able to let their rude flag fly.

Some celebrities have PR people who know how to spin their client’s unfavorable behavior. Still, some celebrities are just jerks to the bone, and this list is going to expose the who’s who among the allegedly ill-mannered celebrities. Many celebrities have PR people who know how to spin their client’s unfavorable behavior.

1. Justin Bieber

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One Reddit user from Stratford, Ontario (where the Biebz grew up) said that the “Say What You Mean” singer was an obnoxious classmate who once threw coffee on a teacher and then flicked her off, leading to a suspension. Regrettably, that will remain on his record indefinitely.

2. Demi Lovato

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That’s all we’ve got to say about this Demi Lovato bullying a youngster before they were famous: wow. Insofar as I can tell from this post, Lovato’s pre-fame self was vicious in the same way that many young children may be cruel.

3. Robert Downey Jr.

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You can tell that Robert Downey Jr. is about to snap at any moment, but that’s part of what makes his expression so endearing. One Reddit user said that Iron Man’s aunt went to high school together and that the actor was disrespectful to everyone (even instructors) because he was confident in his own eventual success.

4. Ariana Grande

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Someone on the Internet claims to have gone to middle school with Ariana Grande and claims that when asked if she would be participating in the school musical, Grande responded: “This is me, on Broadway. It’s not fair that I have to deal with you.”

5. Eminem

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Although few people would argue that Eminem is a genuinely kind person, one Redditor’s mother nearly perished in a house fire caused by Marshall Mathers before he became famous. That’s some very “shady” dealing, no?

6. Jennifer Lawrence

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The Redditor’s brother attended the same high school as Jennifer Lawrence. Claims that Lawrence “knocked down a pencil sharpener into his balls” are likely exaggerated; the actor is, after all, well-known for his clumsiness.

7. Emma Watson

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A former extra who worked on an early Harry Potter film set claims that everyone on site was kind to him, except for Emma Watson.

8. Daniel Craig

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Mysterious Daniel Craig allegedly ignored fans who sought his signature after watching him in Layer Cake, before he became famous. According to them, the pre-Bond hottie informed them, “I don’t do fans.”

9. Pitbull

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An anonymous Reddit user claims that “Mr. Worldwide,” the singer, is the cousin of one of his friends and that he was “very unpleasant” when he was younger.