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30 Adorably Embarrassing Moments When Pet Owners Replied To Someone Without Realizing They Weren’t Speaking To Them

Pets color our life and bring joy to us. From the moment they walk into our places, we know for sure that things won’t be the same as they used to be. Somebody doesn’t prepare for those changes to come. Therefore, as they keep their grooves, silliness involving their pets happens from time to time, which is so remarkable that they will never forget it for a very long time.

Ada Limón – a well-known American poet, writer, and observer – tweets about her embarrassing answer when she thought her husband was asking her to drink water gently, but it turned out he was talking with their pup. The tweet soon becomes a hot topic for Twitter to chitchat. They non-stop retweet it and share their experiences on how cringe-making they were for misunderstanding other people addressing them instead of their pets.

Today, we would love to show you a short series of Twitter blushing souvenirs when they “take things too easily” around pets. Let’s not wait any longer, grab some snacks and enjoy the moment!

#1 Tommy!!

Source: ankupande

#2 I want a chocolate lab GF 😍

Source: itzrlryo

#3 Ouchly sweet

Source: mel_med_larson

#4 “And that was how I met my future husband.”

Source: _ksthrlnd

#5 Sweet either way.

Source: shivanourpanah

#6 We are all just helpless pawns in our doggy’s paws.

Source: adalimon

#7 “Particularly attractive goose” 😂

Source: SoilScholar

#8 Priorities.

Source: Kranky_Kangaroo

#9 He is very handsome.

Source: Keef2101

#10 Every dog needs a child in their life

Source: mmorearty

#11 Life is complicated.

Source: MoriTazulita

#12 They have quite a bit of honey-colored fur.

Source: swhipple

#13 Next to pets some guys give their woman royal ignore.

Source: CoolCarCuffs

#14 Glad you pointed it out

Source: Louli04

#15 The actual mi amor

Source: _gabmunoz

#16 Twist: Grandpa wasn’t talking to the boy, he was talking to the boy’s dog.

Source: RachelThalmann

#17 Twist: Grandpa wasn’t talking to the boy, he was talking to the boy’s dog.

Source: JenLRossman

#18 I speak to inanimate objects too!

Source: SunuChandy

#19 I felt this…

Source: ChrisPa1975

#20 Good for you letting him believe in the magic!

Source: petitesaoirse

#21 Sometimes you just need an answer regardless of who is there.

Source: PurelyPixel

#22 They are for the dog!

Source: Grammaticator

#23 That’s kinda sweet.

Source: smudger233

#24 If only you could train Rossi to laugh at him…

Source: jojointheoc

#25 It’s still kinda nice.

Source: LindaAvellar

#26 Plot twist: Maybe he’s not your fiancé.

Source: somecoloradogal

#27 If the dog’s name is Honey…

Source: IcaRewitz

#28 “We don’t talk anymore”

Source: newfiegirl23

#29 *Smiles into oblivion

Source: lmbr67

#30 The invisible owner

Source: spaghetti_life

What a cute collection of beet-red moments! If you used to be in an alike situation and you find it so funny to tell, we yearn to listen to you. Please leave comments in the section below and don’t forget to follow us after hitting the like-share button!

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