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Homeless Dog Carries Bowl Around, Just Wants Someone To Feed Him

World Animal Awareness Society is a non-profit organization that launched a program called the American Strays Project to help humans raise awareness and respect for animals. This program documented the alarming number of strays in the United States, the conditions in which they live to show people how hard life is when an animal is forced to live on the streets.

Homeless Dog Carries a Bowl

And in one of their films, they captured a homeless dog carrying his bowl around asking for food. We think that it’s one of the most heartbreaking moments we’ve ever seen. Moments like this remind us how fortunate we are to have food and shelter and there are more stray and hungry pets out there who need our help.

Homeless Dog Carries a Bowl

This hungry dog was in desperate need of help, and of course, they couldn’t deny him his modest request. Thankfully, all the dogs filmed were picked up and rescued, including the dog carrying the bowl. He even carried his bowl all the way back to where the team was positioned. Hopefully, someone will fill his bowl for him and give him a forever home!

Homeless Dog Carries a Bowl

Watch the video here!

You can visit the World Animal Awareness Society’s website to see more information about their efforts in helping the poor animals. If this dog appeared on your doorstep, what would you do? Share this heartbreaking video with your friends below.

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