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18 Meow Moments Of Relaxation That Make You Want To Transform Into A Cat

Have you ever had a thought in your mind telling you that life would be so much better if you turned into a cat? What could be more pawfect than owning a beautiful silky fur coat, bossing around, and sparing some meow-meow when hungry? Yeah, we know. Therefore, today, we’re about to stir up the becoming-feline desire you’ve always buried deep inside your heart.

But before your soul and mind melt away due to the irresistible fuzziness, let’s discuss how these purry beasts can chill all the time! Maybe it’s because they know their owners would be willing to risk their lives to protect them even if the sky was falling. Or perhaps, they do have nine chances of resurrection, thus, they don’t need to hurry.

Furthermore, felines are believed to be a mysterious liquid that will fit in any kind of container, from a vase to a big glass. Plus, they have such weird relaxed gestures that no words can describe. Also, they have the ability to find resting spots of which nobody ever thinks. That’s the reason we human beings will never be able to reach their level of procrastination.

Now, let’s cut the chitchatting and let these four-legged meowing creatures pay back your unconditional love and care with their priceless funny moments!

#1 Good luck with trying to get that pillow back!

Source: Facebook

#2 Time to stretch then sleep some more.

Source: something-everything-nothing.tumblr.com

#3 A warm breeze and watching the sunset. Life is good…

Source: midnightpoem.tumblr.com

#4 Always a holiday

Source: wallpapers-hd-wide.com

#5 A couch meowtato

Source: Imgur

#6 Hide and seek: level infinite.

Source: Pinterest

#7 So comfy ~

Source: YouTube

#8 He probably wishes there would be a second watermelon.

Source: Imgur

#9 Sleeping in the sun feels soooo nice.

Source: Imgur

#10 That’s one way to keep your feet warm and cozy.

Source: Imgur

#11 If it fits, I sit…or sleep.

Source: Flickr / Blake & Bianca

#12 Sleeping like a boss.

Source: Imgur

#13 It must have been a long day.

Source: dimka-jd.livejournal.com

#14 Best friends forever.

Source: Imgur

#15 Watching the game. Sort of…

Source: Facebook

#16 Lazy cats all passed out.

Source: YouTube

#17 Who needs a mattress with friends like these?

Source: lolkot.ru

#18 Chilling even when going broke

Source: Unknown Source

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