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10 Cutest Baby Elephants That Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memory

We all know elephants are giant friends-gentle and lovely, but baby elephants are even better. For the first three months after birth, they are quite awkward and have little control over their trunks, which they frequently trip over. Looking at them playing can make you miss your childhood.

It’s time to share these adorable Dumbos with you. Looking at them playing carefreely can bring back your childhood memory.

#1. Look at his smiling eyes

Source: Rupankar Mahanta

#2. Can I play with you guys?

Source: boredpanda

#3. Look at her tushy and pink feet

Source: boredpanda

#4. Hide and seek. You can’t see me!!

Source: Sangdeaun Lek Chailert

#5. Oh, I’m just a baby

Source: Alonso_Bear

#6. I’ll stay with you mommy, I promise

Source: Björn Alicke

#7. Look at those fuzzy baby hair!

Source: Gary Brookshaw

#8. I wanna play! I wanna play!

Source: boredpanda

#9. Do you think I’m beautiful?

Source: Barbara Arstall

#10. Sis, I’ll follow wherever you go

Source: boredpanda

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