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15 Things That Made People Say “Of Course That’s A Thing”

The universe throws you a curveball just when you think you have life figured out. If we’re being really honest, it’s probably going to come in the form of a humorous or unexpected image that makes you snort into your cup of tea, however it could also come in the form of an intriguing opportunity. Despite all of humanity’s shortcomings, people are actually pretty creative and come up with some incredibly strange ideas, as you can see.

The “Of Course That’s a Thing” subreddit is one location that records the amusing, imaginative, and occasionally just plain bizarre things that humans has done. r/ofcoursethatsathing, a community with little over 723k members, asks individuals to upload photographs of things that make you think, “Of course that’s a thing.”

You’ll find the best examples of how odd a world we actually live in here. This is more of a feeling than a statement. Please share this list with your friends and don’t forget to upvote the images that had you saying, “What?” We both understand that they will appreciate some of these pictures. As a great D&D nerd, I personally love the bread alignment chart, but be sure to share which image is your favorite with everyone.

#1 The “One A Day Banana” Pack, Containing Several Bananas Of Different Ripeness So That You Can Eat Them Over Several Days. (Korea)

Source: light_myfire

#2 Pencils That Can Be Planted And Grow Into Kitchen Spices When They Become To Small To Use

Source: EMF911

#3 My Mate Bought Me This For My Birthday, I Love It And Of Course It’s A Thing

Source: ILoveBread747

#4 Cross-legged office chair

Source: DrBang75

#5 Finally you can live like a hobbit

Source: Reddit

#6 This fighter jet lawn mowing formation

Source: Reddit

#7 Little stuffed Bob Ross

Source :Reddit

#8 Braces Ring

Source: Reddit

#9 Invisible Character Action Figures

Source: Reddit

#10 A Decorative Toilet Bowl in the Style of Fine China


Source: Reddit

#11 Mitch McConnell Body Pillow

Source:  Reddit

#12 Foot Undeez


Source:  Reddit

#13 Muddy Jeans

Source: Reddit

#14 Sieve Art

Source:  Reddit

#15 Minimalist Nativity Sets

Source: Reddit