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Who’s The Deadliest Disney Princess?

Disney has been creating interesting, exceptional characters and charming, feel-good movies for generations. Over the years, the franchise and its approach to animation and storytelling changed s lot, especially princesses. It seems that no longer are they simply damsels in distress who just rely on the help of fairy godmothers and handsome princes. Now, we see many princesses taking action to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Some have physical strength or magical powers, some wield weapons. But have you ever thought about which ones would you place your bets on in an all-out battle? Mulan and Merida are characters that come to our minds, but Jasmine and Cinderella have something hidden up their sleeves.

Based on Disney fans’ opinions, we’ve completed our list ranking the strong princess to find out who is the most powerful one.

#9 Belle

Source: Disney

Belle is one of the most intelligent princesses. Despite no magic power, she must have some super strength up her sleeve. After all, she can lift the Beast onto her horse and take him back to the castle after he’s attacked by wolves in the woods!

#8 Pocahontas

Source: Disney

This girl carries the most wisdom. She teaches John Smith how to start appreciating the beauty of the world around him and how every single thing on Earth has value and importance. They are essential to prevent human greed. Additionally, she is an expert at surviving in the wilderness.

#7 Rapunzel

Source: Disney

Thanks to her magic golden hair, Rapunzel becomes one of the most powerful princesses. She can use her extremely long hair to move objects, disarm enemies, or as a rope to swing around.

#6 Kida

Source: Disney

“Atlantis: The Lost Empire” is well-known for its great adventure story, funny characters, and one of the most impressive Disney princesses ever created. Kida, a strong warrior princess, is skilled at combat and uses Atlantean martial arts and tactics to defeat her enemies.

#5 Raya

Source: Disney

Raya had an exceptional fantasy-adventure story that gave the world the first Southeast Asian princess. She is a true warrior when being in hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting.

#4 Mulan

Source: Disney

Mulan is one of the most experienced princesses because she fought multiple adversaries and led armies to victory. The powerful and intelligent female heroin who underwent military training is courageous even during life-and-death battles.

#3 Elsa

Source: Disney

When it comes to strong Disney princesses, we can’t miss Elsa with her magical ice power. The heiress to the Arendelle throne is easily capable of manipulating ice, snow, and water. She can not only easily use magical skills to disarm her enemies or build an ice castle but can use it to completely freeze any living creature without killing them or to freeze an entire nation possibly the whole world if she tried.

#2 Merida

Source: Disney

Because of her exceptional fighting abilities, Merida ranks No.2 on this list. Despite her stubborn and arrogant personality, she’s a brave fighter who proved her capabilities during many battles. She also became one of the most iconic archers in movies ever.

#1 Moana

Source: Disney

Moana is Disney’s most inspiring and powerful princess. Her magic power is to connect with the ocean’s spirit. She not only has cool water but is a brave intelligent and independent girl who overcomes her fears to save all her beloved from destruction.