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Interesting Fact: 7 Animals That Can Kill A Lion

The lion is also known as the king of the jungle. Even though they are the top predators, these 7 animals can kill a lion.

It does not mean that they can take lions down every time, but they are able to occasionally. 

#1. Tiger

Interesting Facts: 7 Animals That Can Kill A Lion | Aubtu.biz 1Source: Telegraph India

Tigers and lions share their habitat in the Indian subcontinent. Both called the king of jungle and the apexes in nature, they have been rivals to each other for a long time. In history, the royal and the rich used to entertain by watching them fight. Despite the fact that lions are fierce and strong, they did not always win. Several records from ecologists and zoologists have confirmed that a lion was more likely to be killed by a tiger more than vice versa. In fact, a grown tiger could outsize and outpower a grown lion.

#2. Crocodile

Interesting Facts: 7 Animals That Can Kill A Lion | Aubtu.biz 2Source: The Mirror

In Africa, lions are neighbors to Nile crocodiles. They are also the apex just like lions. Otherwise, they barely attack lions on purpose. Only when they feel threatened or angry. In most cases, those times are when lions approach the river to drink or take a bath. 

#3. Black Mamba 

Interesting Facts: 7 Animals That Can Kill A Lion | Aubtu.biz 2Source: AZ Animals

The species is among the most venomous snakes on earth. A single bite from it may end the life of any big cat including lion, tiger or leopard. Lions normally acknowledge this harmful snake and tend to not disturb it. 

#4. Rhino

Interesting Facts: 7 Animals That Can Kill A Lion | Aubtu.biz 3Source: Thanda Blog

In spite of being a herbivorous mammal, rhinos are not friendly to any other animals that invade their territoty. A rhino is about 5 times larger than a male lion and its huge pointy horn is also an effective weapon.  

#5. Elephant

Source: Addo Elephant Park

A pride of lions rarely hunt elephants, only when they are too desperate for meat. A calf is always an easier target. But it will be a tragedy once the mother elephant finds out and crushes the predator under its 6 tonne body.

#6. African Cape Buffalo 

Source: Zee News

Giant mammals are always a hard game for lions. In reality, they avoid attacking these species. A cape buffalo might be even heavier than a rhino and just as fierce. 

#7. Mosquito

Source: CNET

Expectedly, these animals cause most deaths in other species, including humans and lions. There are hundreds of mosquito species and all of them are lethal. Moreover, they carry several parasites and illnesses that infect lions and other animals, making them sick to death. Among 7 animals that can kill a lion, this tiny one is the most dangerous.

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