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Women Are Sharing The Stupidest Excuse Men Has Given Them To Not Wear A Condom

Condoms can be considered a great invention as they protect the users from not only pregnancy but also many sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Therefore, many professionals recommend people use condoms every time they have sex. However, a lot of men refuse to use them. Some indicate that condoms make their balls itchy. Others say that they ruin their intimacy. Yet others insist that they are expensive.

So, women, what’s the stupidest excuse a man has ever given you to not wear a condom? Reddit user u/greedthecurious posted a question on the r/AskReddit subreddit “Women of Reddit, what’s the stupidest excuse a man has ever given you to not wear a condom?”. And the thread was quickly bombarded with about 5.7k comments and 21.4k upvotes. Redditors shared the most ridiculous excuses they have heard from men, and they are so hilarious that we couldn’t help but share them with you. Scroll down below to check them out. Then, share your experience with us in the comments.

Source: greedthecurious

#1. The best reply woulda been “neither do i” and then leave

Source: ZcalifornianusSelkie

#2. Good call to stop

Source: planesNbooks

#3. “Now I don’t”

Source: cadaver413

#4. I’m not sure he knew how to properly put in a condom

Source: probablyabakedpotato

#5. How was he wearing it? Like a dumb hat?

Source: space_Cadet198_7

#6. “Lmao, my dad did the pull method and guess what? That’s how I have a younger sister”

Source: sleepyy-starss

#7. Condom or not?

Source: pinkafyo

#8. Lmao

Source: spitfire2123

#9. “I have a method where I sleep with you never and then move on”

Source: CashMeInLockDown

#10. What a way to set the mood

Source: Kay312010

#11. Take the extra and tie it off

Source: dolpgg

#12. I’m a five star man!

Source: RonStopable08

#13. That’s brutal!

Source: Vast-Government2170

#14. Well you dodged a bullet

Source: Goreki

#15. Jesus

Source: Phoenix_of_Asclepius

#16. More likely using them wrong

Source: Senrik95

#17. Wow

Source: Amybee109

#18. True!!

Source: purplhouse

#19. Expensive condoms are still cheaper than a baby

Source: slimmingthemeeps

#20. I’m willing to bet his religion also prohibits extramarital sex

Source: Paciem

#21. Did you tell him “Too bad, I have a high egg count?”

Source: Party-Switch3465

#22. And this is why sex-ed in school is important

Source: ouidkillA

#23. Lots of gross

Source: 3catmafia

#24. Wait wtf?

Source: tinymochimochi

#25. Lmfaoooo

Source: spaghatta111

#26. Sometimes it’s legit, unfortunately!

Source: Pocketfull_ofrocks

#27. Glad you dodged that bullet!

Source: minaj_a_twat

#28. The “never putting it in” method works better

Source: myneckandmyback2022

#29. Jesus christ…

Source: Miss_Understood_wolf

#30. If he had any he wouldn’t say that

Source: Crahmnor

#31. Lol

Source: joshparker64

#32.  Protect yourself

Source: Mirrorflute88

#33. Hmmm

Source: nevermindimdown

#34. Haha actually?!

Source: SitRep-Screwed

#35. Are you crazy?

Source: The_Annes_Meow

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