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10+ Animal Panorama Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software to capture images with horizontally elongated fields of view. This phone technology helps people create wonderful photographs of their surroundings such as gorgeous meadows, hilltops or colorful deserts. And of course, the subjects in the panorama can’t be moving.

So, there will be a little bit of trouble when you want to photograph an object can move like your beloved pets. For this reason, you might end up with a creature that has six-legged or twoheaded! Bored Panda has trawled the web to find the most hilarious animal panorama fails that are sure to give you a good giggle. So, sit back, relax and check them out in the gallery below and don’t forget to let us know your favorite pics.

#1 Don’t Worry Your Dog Could Have Been Like Mine

Animal Panorama Fails

#2 Panorama Doggo Gone Wrong

Animal Panorama Fails

#3 Pano Of My New Backyard When My Dog Decided To Run Through It

Animal Panorama Fails

#4 Split Kitty

#5 New Species?

#6 Cats Have Adapted To Living In The Desert

#7 Mum Can’t Stop Laughing. Dad Must Have Pulled A Funny Face Or Something

Animal Panorama Fails

#8 Panorama Of A Dog Goes Terribly Wrong

Animal Panorama Fails

#9 Duck Limo Service, Anyone?

Animal Panorama Fails

#10 That’s A Long Snout