7 Exotic Animals You Can Have As Pets Without Breaking The Laws

Common pets include cats, dogs, horses and many more. These animals were domesticated thousands of years ago to live indoors.
Otherwise, there are a variety of other choices you may consider when choosing animals you can have as pets. Luckily, these species are legal to own in many states. 

#1. Bengal Cats

Exotic Animals You Can Have As Pets Without Breaking The Laws 1Source: Luxatic

They look like small leopards so if you are fond of this big cat species, the bengal cat is an option. Its fur looks majestic and beautiful. This species is also friendly to humans and other pets. Anyway, a kitten could cost you up to $3000, this is the biggest consideration. 

#2. Fennec Fox

Exotic Animals You Can Have As Pets Without Breaking The Laws 2Source: MyPetSites

The fennec fox is the smallest fox species. This energetic animal is seen as a combination of a cat and a dog. It can be active and sociable sometimes but also sneaky and quiet. Moreover, it is among the cutest pets ever with their furriness and huge ears! Fennec foxes are the most adorable animals you can have as pets.

#3. Hedgehog

Exotic Animals You Can Have As Pets Without Breaking The Laws 3Source: Luxatic

They are similar to hamsters or guinea pigs. You only need a cage with supplies and a toilet. Hedgehogs are adorable, active night animals as well. Therefore they may keep you from boredom while there are deadlines that need to be done.

#4. Dwarf Pigs

Source: Luxatic

They are also called mini pigs. This species only weighs around 25 kilos, as big as a medium dog. Pigs are among the most intelligent mammals in the world. So you may train them to do many tricks. Moreover they are also friendly and mostly harmless. Except for their scat, maybe.

#5. Pony

Source: Whickr

A pony is a short horse. A pony’s height is from 130 centimeters to 150 centimeters, much shorter than a regular horse. This tiny horse is perfectly fit for kids and also adults. They are smart, well-trained and gorgeously good-looking.

#6. Axolotl 

Source: MyPetSites

Different from its relatives, this salamander is unable to transfer into land creatures. That is why it will keep its fins and gills forever to live underwater. It looks super cute for its color and cute face and is perfect for your aquarium. It is safe to have fishes their size in the same tank. Axolotls are the cutest water animals you can have as pets.

#7. Sloth

Source: AllThingsNature

This animal is interesting. They are very nice and easy-going. There is also a chilled vibe from them, just as in their natural habitat. Anyway, apart from being very expensive (up to $10000 for a baby sloth), they also need space and a lot of care to live comfortably. You need to spend your time considering living with a sloth. 
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