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Fill Your Day With Tiny And Adorable Bird Like Fluffy Cotton Ball

Most people easily fall for small and cute stuff, especially one with the white color of snow. It will be even perfect if such a thing is soft and fluffy. These are exactly the remarkable traits of the bird called long-haired tits.

Source: franpepperland

This tiny bird draws your attention with the appearance of a fluffy white cotton ball. Its chubby and round body is balanced with a long tail, which explains its name. From the side, the bird’s tail looks even bigger than its body and accounts for at least half its length. An adult can reach 5-6 inches long, a size fitting perfectly in your jacket pocket.

Adult birds could be recognized with pink plumes on their chests, while younger ones wear suspicious black masks on their face. Apart from the “smol” looks, the high-pitched voice of these birds is noticeable.

Source: Hedera_Baltica

Long-tailed tits usually fly in a noisy group of 20 individuals. They often head to woodlands that have heaths and suitable bushes. Sometimes you can find them in parks and gardens, even on ash and oak trees, especially in winter. These tiny balls of birds generally reside in the Mediterranean, the north of Europe, and Asia.

Source: koichi_kotani

Though this species is fond of cold weather in winter, its small size curbs its ability to retain warmth. This means that some birds are likely to die if they are unsuccessful in finding a mate. As a result, they managed through harsh conditions by flocking together in particular groups such as sisters and brothers. These birds feed on eggs and larvae of insects, but they are increasingly in favor of peanuts lately.

Source: Membeth – CC0

Do you fall in love with these adorable cotton balls? Have you ever seen this species before? Comment your views below and share this fluffy vibe with your families and friends!