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Internet Rallies Behind Redditor Who Kicks Boyfriend Out After He Rehomes Cat Without Her Awareness And Steals Her Money

Pets are a matter of personal taste, so we should respect others’ interests and priorities. However, those so crazy about one thing that they deny anything else are unacceptable.

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Posting on the subreddit AmItheAsshole, the account u/throwaway7765475 shared her horrible story about her 22-year-old boyfriend, Sam, and earned public support.

While being a cat person, the poster also loved dogs, so she thought she could get on well with Sam, a dog lover. However, the guy seemed to obsess with dogs instead of just loving and caring for them. He enjoyed everything related to this creature, even the ill-mannered and terribly aggressive dogs.  

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The boyfriend even kicked the Redditor’s cat out of the house without her knowledge. He lied to her that the cat ran away, while, in fact, he sent it to her grandparents. She only knew the truth when her grandparents informed her of the pet’s death.

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The problem kept snowballing when Sam bought three dogs without the poster’s agreement after he lost his dog.

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While the girl was satisfied with the first elderly dog, she felt annoyed with two puppies. She understood that the dogs were unaware of their actions, so their owner should train them to become more obedient and polite.

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The two little dogs destroyed the Redditor’s stuff and furniture in the rented house. Surprisingly, instead of teaching them, Sam encouraged their evil behaviors. Ironically, nevertheless, the poster was the one who cleaned up after every mess, whereas the dog owner only walked the dogs occasionally and posted their photos on social media.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

The last straw in the relationship of the poster was when she realized her boyfriend was a theft. She lost a significant amount of saving money, and it turned out that the guy took it secretly to buy the puppies.

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The Redditor forced the guy to move out unless he returned the two little dogs to get the money back. He refused to give up his dogs, so eventually, he had to leave. The poster then received the money from Sam’s parents, so she did not call the police to avoid legal complications.

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Under the post, the public totally agreed with the poster’s response. Many thought the boyfriend was not only obsessive with dogs, but he was also self-centered and disrespectful to his girlfriend. Even without the dogs, the Reddit user should still end this unhealthy relationship as her boyfriend was a liar and a thief.

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Some exclaimed that the girl mistreated herself as she did not break up with her boyfriend right after she found out about her cat. The red flag was so clear that anyone should realize it.

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Do you think the Redditor had done the right thing? Do you think she had been in an unhealthy relationship? What do you think about the boyfriend? Please share your views with us in the comment below!