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Twitter Dogs Worldwide Rally To Warm Everyone’s Heart Via 18 Charming Visual Gifts

Life is full of precious moments. Every second counts. Even though some days are good and some aren’t, life is priceless. To value the moment and treasure our woofing animal companions, we are glad to introduce a small photo and video clip collection that has been collected from many viral Twitter pet accounts around the world.

We believe that watching and admiring animals’ visual souvenirs has become a hobby of numerous people. It’s great that we have something in common even when we are so different. Therefore, if you ever feel lonely and troubles do harsh on you, please remember that life still blesses this world with these angelic beings.

They are undescribably cute. They can bring us endless joys and clear the heavy cloud upon our heads with their bright as sunlight smiles, hugs, and kisses. Their eyes show their love while their waving tails express their excitement. They are pawfectly imperfect companions for life that we cherish in our hearts forever.

We won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s let your body fill with affectionate hormones as we start to enjoy the moment!

#1 So this happened when she asked her grandpa to watch her dog.

Source: @shelbsptv

#3 In case you are having a bad day, watch this video and remember that you are loved.

Source: @IHLaking

#2 So what is your ideal work environment?

Source: @CalebJHull

#4 Ma dog has been assigned to play with a puppy at his doggy school and they’ve actually become best pals

Source: @declanshields

#5 Just chilling on this one fine day.

Source: @FluffyFrens

#6 Everyone meets Soča. This little guy has a job at the hotel in Slovenia I stayed at a few days ago. He’s the hotel greeter and runs to meet new guests as they enter the hotel. He’s a very good boy and very good at his job!

Source: @andrew_druart

#7 Destined Meeting

Source: @leyawn

#8 I’m Crying I Was Doing Leg Stretches And Then

Source: @bellemaps

#9 Hi in case you’re having a bad day here are some of my fave shots of Bruni, it’ll get better

Source: @theblessedbhie

#10 My parents just bought another dog and my current dog is home all dressed up waiting to meet him

Source: @J_Flores991

#11 There’s a coyote outside. You know what that means: coyote vest time!

Source: @Drrramina

#12 Today a customer told me he got this dog almost 2 years ago & then added “yup we got Sophie then a couple of months later my wife passed, just been me & soph ever since. Wouldn’t trade her for anything”. He carries her around everywhere like this & it’s too cute not to share

Source: @susanellise

#13 Dad 5 years ago: no dogs!!

My dad now:

Source: @yagirlyarelli

#14 Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??

Source: @jor_nicole4


Source: @visagermusic

#16 Basically every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling so we got her a chair so she could be included and she hasn’t cried since

Source: @lrparkes13

#17 My aunt got a new puppy and sent us this video and I think I’ve watched it approximately 37 times

Source: @sarahashlev

#18 Now, I feel so jealous.

Source: @mom_shorts

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