8 Gorgeous Animals Live In Lake That Can Catch Your Eyes

In every region on the planet, lakes take a significant part of the ecosystem. Whatever size a lake is, it is vital for plants and animals nearby. There are several elements provided by a lake: fresh water, food sources and habitats which are essential for animals’ lives. Animals live in lake including insects, birds, amphibians, fishes and many more.  

Scroll down for some of the most beautiful species.

#1. Axolotl

8 Gorgeous Animals Live In Lake That Catch Your Eyes 1Source: National Geographic

Which is also known as the aquatic salamander. They usually live deep down the bottom of a lake or a pond. Due to their beautiful colors, these amphibians may also be friendly pets with families. You may feed them with slugs, snails, insects or worms. They might grow to 9 or 10 inches (25 centimeters or below).

#2. Beaver

8 Gorgeous Animals Live In Lake That Catch Your Eyes 2Source: National Geographic

Do not mistake it for a Bieber! The beaver is a hardworking constructor in nature. They spend a lot of their time building their home which looks almost like a dam where they live. 

#3. Crayfish

Source: Fauna Facts

A crayfish resembles a baby lobster. Therefore, it is also used as food. Sometimes in different regions, people might call it crawfish.

#4. Duck

Source: Animal Corner

Ducks live in water, on land and also in the sky. This species usually migrates during winter to somewhere with a warmer climate. There are several types of duck.

#5. Kingfisher

Source: Animal Corner

You can tell from their name that these animals live in lake and are professional at fishing. A kingfisher only takes a few seconds to catch its prey.

#6. Swan

Source: Animal Corner

They inhabit widespread on every continent. They are the closest relatives to ducks. Its beauty is what inspired the iconic Ballet Series Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Swans are also taken as a symbol of love and marriage. 

#7. Flamingo 

8 Gorgeous Animals Live In Lake That Catch Your Eyes 3Source: Animal Corner

They are one of the most fascinating birds in the wild. A flamingo stands out because of its pink plumage. It is actually notable and ranges from pale to deep pink. There’s another strange fact about these birds is they always stand 1 feet up and live as a large group, up to hundreds at a time. 

#8. Otter

Source: Pinterest

These adorable creatures are actually opportunists! They are willing to eat anything they hunt down in water or on land. Animals live in lake including fishes, frogs are food to them, and sometimes also birds or small rats they find on land. This species have a symbolic sleeping gesture with their belly up and sometimes holding hands to each other. updates the most interesting stories and news daily. Remember to check out daily for more post about wild animals and hilarious pet stories!