10 Funny Animal Videos Compilation That Can Make You Laugh Out Loud

Who doesn't love watching funny pets and funny animals doing funny things? Watching funny animal videos can actually brighten our bad days.
We've just made your day relaxed by collecting the best funny animal videos!

1. The laughing horse

Funny video with horses laughing whilst watching a man attempt to reverse his vehicle and horse box. The advert is one of many animal-themed ones from Volkswagen.

2. Hippo eats watermelon

This is also one of the best funny animal videos. This video showing a hippo crunching on whole watermelons. Watch the strong jaws of the hippo crush the watermelon in one bite This video was filmed at the Nagasaki Biopark in Japan, where the hippo watermelon feeding happens twice a day. The keeper places the watermelon in the hippos mouth and then with a big crunch it smashes.

3. Cat gets its head stuck inside a pint-sized ice cream container for a full minute

Going for that last bit of Häagen-Dazs can be tricky, especially without thumbs or a spoon. But never has it befuddled someone so much for so long. This cat dang near gives up on life because of it.

4. Goat makes some weird noise.

I’m not a goat doctor, so I don’t know if this is a normal goat making weird noises, or a weird goat making normal noises, but either way, it’s weird.

5. Camel interrupts interview

Basically this camel does to an on-air interview what Donald Trump wants to do to every New York Times story about his Russia connections.

6. The rhythm dog

This dog doesn’t know how embarrassing it is to enjoy hits from Mark Wahlberg’s short-lived musical career.

7. Penguin is afraid to jump off the diving board 

Diving into the water is not this penguin’s thing. That’s OK.

8. Dog did not like his first taste of lemon one bit 

Guess this dog is quite shocked after realizing that the lemon is not as he expected 

9. Raccoons drinking milk 

Maybe there is a raccoon that so in love with drinking milk and can't stop enjoying it.

10. Cat hit the dog

Hilarious video of a Siamese cat boxing with a dog that is trying to play and make friends.
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