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9 Wildest And Weirdest Pastimes Of Celebrities

Hobbies, no matter how bizarre or unusual, provide individuals with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves in their spare time. Celebrities are much like everyone else, despite the wild lifestyles they lead and the hectic schedules they keep. However, a few of their pastimes fall into this category. You have probably heard about the knife collection that Angelina Jolie has or about Nick Offerman’s affinity for working with wood.

However, many celebrities want to keep their passions private. These unusual hobbies practiced by famous people will shock you and make you want to get rid of your stamp collection immediately. Below is the list of the nine weirdest hobbies from celebrities.

1. George Clooney

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Fans flocked to Reddit for George Clooney’s 2014 AMA when he revealed playing hoops with Leonardo DiCaprio and getting pranked by Brad Pitt. Clooney shared how he spends his free time, which surprised many. Clooney’s favorite activity is cobbling. “I create shoes.” He said he’s a better cobbler than Daniel Day-Lewis, who also enjoys cobbling. How the Oscar-winning actor got into shoemaking is a mystery, but at least he has a backup plan.

2. Jared Leto

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This musician and actor are one of Hollywood’s hottest guys, and he makes a good-looking woman. Leto first wore women’s attire when playing a transsexual lady in Dallas Buyer’s Club. He got so into the job that he wore fishnets and high heels daily, even to the grocery store. He pondered wearing this to the Oscars. The actor changed again for a Candy magazine photograph. We think he killed it. However, it’s not as insane as his Joker outfit.

3. Hunter S. Thompson

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Is it surprising that this eccentric journalist made a list of odd hobbies? We agreed. Thompson’s erratic personality and heavy drug usage explain why he had several unusual hobbies. Thompson liked shooting firearms and exploding dynamite. An item written after his death said, “There were always too many guns at Hunter S. Thompson’s Woody stream property” and “Explosions were his specialty.” Johnny Depp said this on meeting Thompson. Thompson said, “Sh— dude, we must construct a bomb!” after inviting Depp to shoot guns. The couple built a propane bomb and shot it off. Hunter S. Thompson’s interests reflect his zest for life.

4. Bill Murray

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This actor has spent years making people laugh. Murray brings delight to others off-screen as well as on. Many stories have emerged of his showing up in crazy places with his pranks. Murray bartended during SXSW 2010 in Austin. Despite orders, he served tequila shots. He gave a stranger a ticket for the seat next to him at Game 6 of the 2017 World Series. He attended a fan’s 2014 “Bill Murray Ice Cream Social.”

5. Nicolas Cage

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This actor has odd habits and collects comics. Cage collects everything, but few know it. This National Treasure performer collects his treasures. Nicolas Cage has bought shrunken pygmy heads, an octopus, and a dinosaur skull. Cage has a spectacular pyramid grave at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, with an alligator, a shark, and two king cobras. Nine Rolls-Royces, 30 motorcycles, a castle, a haunted mansion, and a private island are among the actor’s possessions. Extreme spending has caused Cage financial troubles. What’s next?

6. Drake

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Drake is a musician and sports lover. He has many NBA friends and usually attends games. Drake loves the game even more. Die Antwoord’s Ninja recalls hanging out with Kanye West and playing hoops at Drake’s house. Ninja says Drake took this casual game too seriously, wearing an NBA headband. Drake would record his games and spend hours editing to get the best shots. We’d love to see that.

7. James Franco

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Franco paints, perform art, has a private pilot’s certificate, and published a short story collection. Franco chose to teach in his spare time because he wasn’t occupied enough. In 2011, Franco began teaching film at NYU and USC. His class was easy, according to Rate My Professor. Some called him compassionate, motivating, and “one of NYU’s best instructors.” Franco taught a film course at Palo Alto High School in 2015. Professor Franco’s class wasn’t skipped.

8. Norman Reedus Like Breast Implants

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It’s not shocking that a Walking Dead star is into weird stuff. Norman Reedus’ fans are equally insane. One admirer sent her idol one of her breast implants. The silicone gesture of devotion became a valued property. Reedus liked this gift so much that he soon got the sister implant. “I want additional breast implants,” he said. Send more breast implants.” While the actor was joking, who knows how many more he’ll get?

9. Marilyn Manson

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Manson, an absinthe drinker, created Mansinthe. Someone suggested he create it because he drank so much of it. Manson, an interior designer, said Hannibal inspired his house decor. His abode has a John Wayne Gacy artwork, a Holocaust gas canister, and a taxidermied fish with horns and chicken feet (gifted by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt). Manson’s weirdness doesn’t end there. His residence has two human skeletons, African masks with human skin, and old prosthetic limbs. Not ideal for house parties.