Summertime Goosebump-Giving Recipes For Cats: Why Not Making Some “Mice-Cream” Or “Tiramishrew”?

As usual in the morning, you wake up and open the window for the sunlight. Feeling the temperature rising, you realize the summer has come. Outside on the patio, you see your cat lying on the stone table with several small-sized rodents that he spent his nighttime catching. It is such a peaceful slice of a cat person’s life until Mumsnetters decide to make it uniquely thrilling with their unimaginable dessert recipes for felines. We won’t make you wait any longer, here comes the surprise!

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A cat woman with her account name Bwix started the trend on the Mumsnet classic topics. She was excited by the idea of introducing a new cold dish to her furry pals using the ingredient the female one gave her: the freshly caught shrews. She expected her furballs would love to lick the frozen milky shrew cream into which she put a lot of her effort.

Source: Bwix

Also, she shared the magic recipe in her head step by step and explained that she didn’t mean to be cruel to those poor little preys and just wanted to make some culinary feline art from her beloved cats’ hunting results.

Source: Bwix

Responding to the original poster’s idea, Mumsnet stormed up with so many more insane receipts. Since they googled that shrews weren’t tasteful to felines, they longed for other delicious ingredients such as mice and rabbits. However, they would like to wait for the OP’s accomplishment first. Besides, they drew up some titles for the upcoming dishes: micepops, mice-cream, tiramishrew, et.

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While the “master chef” supports made explosive statements, the classic ones seemed to be unable to handle the bizarre idea and claimed to throw away any tool or instrument used for the crazy dishes’ preparation. In addition, they couldn’t get why people didn’t just buy industrial wet food and freeze them instead of generating such a grotesque menu.

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Several serious opinions alerted that cats were sensitive to human food. Therefore, anybody intending to serve the new plates to kitties should consult the vet about the ingredients. Moreover, they warned that the animals used for the dishes might have toxic and irritating substances in their organs so those “master chefs want-to-be” needed to remove them completely and clean the meat well. The last warning they offered was that if the OP had had to rehome or replace her kitchen after the disgusting dish, they wouldn’t hesitate to laugh at her.

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