Beware Of Taking “Poor Kitties” Home Randomly Because They Can Be Super Trickery

Felines are always mysterious creatures to animal lovers. They are so soft, charming, and attractive that we can’t hold back our desire to touch them. But if you see a cat out of the blue that is the apple of your eyes and you wish to adopt him (her), there are a few things you should know before taking him (her) home. Please keep reading this piece from head to toe to figure it out!

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On the fuzzy subreddit built for cat people r/cats, a Redditor with his user account name u/Mystisc pinned an alarm about adopting felines randomly in the street and elsewhere. He detailed that he saw numerous people posting articles, pictures, and video clips of them accidentally finding “poor kitties” (who looked actually fine and nice) and adopting them.

Source: u/Mystisc

Moreover, he was disappointed that netizens didn’t dissuade those but encouraged them to keep the cats. He believed this trend needed to be stopped because it spread the wrong message to online passers-by. He emphasized that those weren’t saving the cats but stealing them away from their real owners, which should be prevented, not supported.

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In the comment section, Redditors discussed it excitingly. Those agreeing with the OP cited that the cat owners want-to-be had better adopt felines from the animal shelter. About the wandering cats, they supposed it was alright to pet, hug, and feed them, yet it wasn’t okay to bring them inside and claim them under possession until solid proof showing the cats were stray was found.

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On the contrary, several pet buddies thought the responsibility belonged to the original owners. Provided that they let their pets roam outside without any trace or mark, they were bad owners and wouldn’t have the right to complain about their pets taken away from them.

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Furthermore, while others contributed their opinions, some cat men and ladies babbled about their trickery furry purry creatures. They revealed being speechless by these “fiendish” beasts and hoped whoever was tricked could find their tricks enjoyable.

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Summing the thread up, most Redditors accorded that people should help the feline in urge cases such as being injured, starved, et. Latterly, they needed to contact animal control and try to confirm the animals’ origin. When all the phases were done, and the cats were surely verified as homeless, they could become their new owners who had better not forget micro-chipping their pets.

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