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Dog Owner Desperately Changed His Dog’s Bad Habit In Public And The “Destined” Meeting With Comprehending Staff At The Pet Store

Have you ever turned on a TV show where well-trained with simultaneously strict and polite programs pets happily phenomenally perform, then you frustratedly wish your furbabies could be as obedient as them? If you have and still have been dealing with educating your pets, we hope the thread we’re discussing today can give you some help and encouragement. Let’s begin right now!

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The original poster (with his user account name u/Awkward-Photograph44) pinned his letter on the helpful subreddit community r/dogs. He had been struggling to train his Doberman not to jump on strangers, but with everyone being easy on the pup, he failed to teach him to remain calm and compliant in front of people. As a result, he no longer allowed others to come near and pet his pup.

Source: u/Awkward-Photograph44

It was a beautiful day when the OP brought his baby to a pet shop. Just as he predicted, the excited little doggy boy leaped toward a staff as she was about to welcome them. When he expected she would “spoil” the pup again, the employee stepped back and followed his instruction. The canine eventually sat down meekly and was petted and treated for his good behavior, which uplifted and motivated his owner to keep on the training process.

Source: u/Awkward-Photograph45

Many dog people trying to coach their babies revealed having similar problems with non-pet owners who didn’t understand how to avoid encouraging animals’ bad habits. From time to time, several dog owners found themselves stern and perhaps quite a bit harsh, yet they didn’t give up on turning their little beasts into good-mannered beings. They just hoped others could comprehend and support them by listening to them before interacting with the animals.

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Reddit also required publicly decent communicating-to-animal etiquette that should be instructed in school because the misknowledge of the pets or the wildlife could lead to severe complications. Some people offered their methods such as “sitting first petting later” or “dog in training” notification, which somehow could alert those intending to touch the canines.

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Non-pet-owning Redditors responded that they found the topic practical as pets were getting more common. Because they didn’t have an ownership mindset, they didn’t realize to have caused inconvenience to the pet training process. They simply thought that these human-adoring creatures were so cute and friendly and they didn’t want these dogs to be mad at by their owners.

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