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Admiring The Funniest Natural Artworks By 15 Promising Contestants From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

The limitless beauty of nature never fails to make explosive imprints in human beings’ minds and souls. Unfortunately, our industrial and economic activities have been polluting the environment and demolishing numerous phenomenal landscapes. To call for everybody’s awareness of diversity preservation and environment protection, Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam, the founders of Comedy Wildlife have been hosting The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards since 2015. The competition is held annually for skillful photographers passionate about wildlife.

In 2022, the contest has captivated many attentions of people who love the creative delicacy and hilarity of wildlife photography. So far, there have been numerous pics and videos applying for six categories: The Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Category, The Spectrum Creatures in the Air Category, The ThinkTank Photo Junior Category, The Amazing Internet Portfolio Category, The Underwater Category, and The Video Clip Category. If you desire to become a participant in this unique race, please access the site and follow the contest’s instructions to enter the award hall.

Today, we’re grateful to demonstrate 15 promising entries having the most interactions and concentrations from audiences. They are significant photos capturing idiosyncratic animal moments that can take your breath away. Let’s talk no more and begin the visual journey filled with joy and wonder!

#1 “Kaiju” By Pf Loke

Source: PF Loke/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#2 “Itchy Roo” By Lea Scaddan

Source: Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#3 “Spider Tango” By Tiffany Heymans

Source: Tiffany Heymans/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#4 “It Is Only Funny Until…” By Deena Sveinsson

Source: Andrew Peacock/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#5 “Uncomfortable Pillow” By Andrew Peacock

Source: Andrew Peacock/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#6 “Duck Coming In Hot” By Gary Readore

Source: Gary Readore/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#7 “That’s The Spot” By Shelly Perkins

Source: Shelly Perkins/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#8 “Excuse Me, Pardon Me” By Ryan Sims

Source: Ryan Sims/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#9 “Post Lunch Nap” By Stuart Malcolm

Source: Stuart Malcolm/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#10 “I’m Kidding” By Sameer Walunj

Source: Sameer Walunj/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#11 “What Are You Looking At” By Lincol Lin

Source: Lincol Lin/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#12 “Mom, I’m Hungry” By Yaron Schmid

Source: Yaron Schmid/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#13 “Laughing Moose” By Kerry Singleton

Source: Kerry Singleton/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#14 “Bad Cub” By Tony Dodge

Source: Tony Dodge/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#15 “The Three Amigos” By William Parkinson

Source: William Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife 2022

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