9 Most Beloved Naruto Characters, Ranked

While there are many beloved Naruto characters in the franchise, the best of the best have been decided by nearly a million votes on Ranker. While many readers argue whether Naruto Uzumaki or Sasuke Uchiha is the series' most potent protagonist, another discussion has been raging for almost a decade: who is the best character overall? Of course, every fan has favorites, but thanks to platforms like Ranker, everyone can see where their favorites stand among thousands of votes.
A million votes have been tabulated to select the top Naruto characters. Some of the outcomes will likely not come as a surprise (it's hard to picture Naruto anywhere else in the top characters), while others may. There aren't enough "best" voters for Sasuke to cut.

The 9 Most Favorite Naruto Characters

9. Might Guy

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Might Guy is a fan-favorite teacher. He doesn't have the same tremendous talents as the other characters but holds his own with hand-to-hand combat. His passion for life, community, and work is contagious. Rock Lee shares his passion. Fans appreciate seeing him compete with Kakashi almost every time they meet. His skills are impressive and entertaining.

8. Pain

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Pain is a more fascinating villain than Orochimaru. Some of the series' most popular episodes involve his fight with Jiraiya and Naruto. His journey from war orphan to founding member of the Akatsuki is one of the series' most interesting. Pain's battle sequences are as entertaining as Naruto's "talk-no-jutsu" attempts to reason with him. Pain eventually heals most of the people and places he's hurt as he pursues harmony.

7. Gaara

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Fans love Gaara because he's Naruto's mirror image. Gaara was manufactured into a weapon by his community, who didn't know how to deal with him, while Naruto was reared without parents and outcast for his tailed beast. He and Naruto became teens with uncontrollable abilities. He doesn't know Naruto is a better-adjusted shinobi until they battle, and he decides to change. Gaara and his siblings quickly become Naruto's most powerful allies.

6. Shikamaru

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Smart anime characters find a legion of supporters. Shikamaru is the same, especially since he changes. His laziness is endearing, and he's not shy about being smarter than his friends. A village tragedy makes him a leader, and he advises the Hokage and an army as an adolescent.

5. Jiraiya

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Some fans are conflicted about Jiraiya because of his character's comedy. Jiraiya is loved for his theatrical personality and dedication to changing the world through Naruto. Jiraiya initially seems uninterested in Naruto, but that's a ploy to push him to work harder. His fight against Pain and death is one of Naruto's saddest.

4. Minato

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Minato doesn't get much screen time. The Fourth Hokage is dead when the series begins, and Naruto's parents are only hinted at. Minato is one of the fiercest combatants, which makes him interesting to fans. Flashbacks of him sacrificing himself for his family and village are very emotional.

Who Are The 3 Main Characters In Naruto?

3. Naruto

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Despite being the series' namesake, naruto isn't the finest character. Though he matures and learns what it is to be a hero as the story progresses, many fans find him too powerful to be a favorite. As the title character, Naruto's feats are expected. It takes a long time for the audience to get to Naruto's emotional development.

2. Hatake Kakashi - One Of The Most Beloved Naruto Characters

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Since he began training Team 7, their commander has been a fan favorite. His bell test, a test of teamwork, is an engaging team-building session. Kakashi is knowledgeable and powerful, like Jiraiya, but the audience sees him change from someone who doesn't exhibit his feelings to the village leader. Kakashi's background with his father and his bond with Mighty Guy are slowly exposed during Naruto. He's amazing.

1. Sasuke and Naruto Are Undoubtedly Two Most Beloved Naruto Characters

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Itachi is more mysterious than Kakashi. The audience spends more time with his role in Sasuke's childhood than with him. His transformation as the hero is what makes his character so intriguing. Itachi spares his small sibling in a clan-wide murder. His covert Akatsuki service protects his village. He's the franchise's saddest hero.
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