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Times These Cats Made Their Owner Question Whatever Happened To Their Cat

Cats are amazing companions that anyone can wish for. Still, any animal person can confirm that cats are among the most unpredictable creatures on the planet.

Sometimes your cats will make you “aww” by how cute they are; other times, they can make you question whether or not they are possessed. One second they may be calm; the next, they may be crazily energetic.

Don’t believe us? There is an entire subreddit devoted to these critters’ unexpectedly humorous behaviors, demonstrating how irrational and bizarre these creatures can be. This subreddit is called “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” and has gained around 583000 members who frequently post videos of their pets acting out, making it the perfect site for those seeking a quality source of entertainment.

You will find thousands of funny yet worrisome cat pictures on this site. Still, we can all agree that we still manage to find their behavior amusing and slightly cute, regardless of how absurd it is.
Want to see more? Keep scrolling to witness the madness that these cats can bring. We bet that you won’t be able to look away and stop laughing.

#1 90 Degree Kitty

Source: Stellanboll

#2 My Cat Likes To Sleep In A Perfectly Straight Line

Source: cannydooper

#3 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Source: qwer1627

#4 My Cat Staring At A Piece Of Rice

Source: asakiwaki

#5 Whenever We Turn A Fan Or Air Filter On Our Little Girl Goes And Sits Right In Front Of It And Makes Her ‘Fan Face’

Source: Turbulent_Swan_64

#6 Why does this little idiot lick my vents 😑

Source: ContaboCOM

#7 Is there an apartment-friendly setup to stop her from doing this? I have a cat tree but it’s clearly not enough

Source: mynamo1894

#8 If I Fits… Aw, S**ts

Source: Thryloz

#9 He’s Just Standing There… Menacingly

Source: sablasagna

#10 Every Single Day I Think I Can’t Possibly Get A Funnier Picture Of Her. Every Single Day She Proves Me Wrong

Source: minminminnow

#11 Sometimes My Lips Get Stuck On My Teefs

Source: DisgruntledPelican

#12 Not Only Did He Steal The Vet’s Chair, He Had To Make A Face As W

Source: External-Pilot-2207

#13 Am Cat. But Sometimes Wonder… Why Am Cat?

Source: Delicious-Talk2128

#14 I Feel Like I Interrupted Something

Source: richestotheconjurer

#15 No One Taught Her How To Use The Chair

Source: Brozo08

#16 Instant Regret

Source: imported_solemnity

#17 Stay hydrated

Source: anasser3000

#18 why does she love this?

Source: CrpticK

#19 My kitten keeps shoving paper and writing utensils out of her room at night 🤔 I think she wants a pen pal?

Source: infinitebeep

#20 Do you think she likes it???

Source: Pining4theFjord

#21 after playing with a floppy fish, I say Mew is looking pretty derpy.

Source: RescueHeroOmegaMedic

#22 Meet Charlie

Source: highfivesandhandjobs

#23 I think she’s secretly a sun bear.

Source: kittyblanket

#24 He Yells At Grass Before He Eats It

Source: coxonroach

#25 The Line To Bathroom Is Long

Source: LegatusDux