15 Pics That Prove These Designers Took A Sip From The Fountain Of Creativity

A problem might arise at any time. It's possible that you were idly stuck or so daunted by a problem that you had to put it off for days or weeks in favor of more pressing matters. What did you do to overcome it? Each person approaches things in a certain manner. But we all share something in common that we most likely turn to Google or other people who've already dealt with similar situations for reference. Is this true? Some people, however, opt not to follow this path. Instead, they let their imagination run wild and get some pretty unexpected yet cool results.
Here are some creative people who are living examples of this. Their creativity urges them to find ways to improve things in everyday life. Things like chess for the blind and book benches are just some of the creations that make us really appreciate the quirky imaginations of great designers. Scroll down to check out what they did to solve their problems. Maybe you can get some inspiration from them. Remember, outside-of-the-box thinking is a great idea to deal with a problem.

#1. My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water

Source: Dom_wpc

#2. This bathroom hand washing area with mirrors in the shape of sunglasses

Source: [deleted]

#3. Office building that's inside.... But looks like it's outside

Source: Lolagurl

#4. This brand of coffee changes the design for decaffeinated coffee

Source: Thine_Sloth

#5. This amazing bench in Alexandria’s library, Egypt

Source: GallowBoob

#6. I found this bird table quite charming

Source: ViddyDoodah

#7. Bakery has a large cement loaf of bread as a door stopper

Source: Rainbow_Aura

#8. This sign was designed to be read in the reflection of the water

Source: halfchance100

#9. This pro-bike sign

Source: henr_u

#10. These stairs

Source: squid50s

#11. Chessboard designed for blind people

Source: a9raag

#12. Just a genius bag design

Source: Getresva

#13. Table with solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at it’s base

Source: [deleted]

#14. My microwave has a "no beep" setting

Source: blr0067

#15. My salt and pepper shakers

Source: Hakusi_Katei

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