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“Karma Is A B*tch”: Unexpected Moments When Karma Came Back To Bite People

Karma – the complete cycle of cause and effect. In many cultures, a belief tells people to be careful with their actions, as they’ll get what they give. That’s karma. If you’re a good person and do good deeds for life, good things will come to you. On the other hand, people who do evil things will eventually take the consequences. And like, don’t think that karma will show any mercy. That’s not the way the universe works.

Sometimes, bad luck hits us when we’re totally unprepared. However, everything happens for a reason. When misfortune happens to us, our first thought will be: “what did I do to deserve this?” And yeah, think carefully, and maybe you can understand. Still, there is a chance that it’s not your fault but others’ malice. Well, they will finally get what they deserve someday. Just wait and see.

#1 This brick is waiting…

Source: Karteneya

#2 You have no room to make a mistake

Source: Prostoilogin

#3 This opossum bit me when I was trying to take a letter. Now I have a phobia of mailboxes and a pile of antibiotics

Source: Pwrdwd

#4 My ice cream had another wrapper inside of it

Source: DeathByDoritos913

#5 When your navigator wants to play a game:

Source: sanchower

#6 So my new monitor arrived today…

Source: SwagosaurusRekts

#7 Yes! My package finally arrived! I can’t wait to take it home and see what’s inside!

Source: DieMensch-Maschine

#8 When you’re driving and you suddenly hear a bang:

Source: deboto

#9 When you’re against haircuts

Source: Ryu1Rikotsu

#10 So how’s your Monday going?

Source: QueenAnneBoleynTudor

#11 You really tried

Source: istarxh

#12 My dishwasher practices the dark arts

Source: Fr0st_L0cked

#13 If anybody has Thor’s number, I found his hammer

Source: brohica

#14 There was no “Do not bend” sign

Source: www2020

#15 When the universe thinks it’s time for you to lose weight

Source: virysD

#16 When your keys conspire against you in your own pocket

Source: dericksucks

#17 She wanted to play with the laptop

Source: Poncecutor

#18 Received my diploma today

Source: SnicksJCarth

#19 When there’s a sign but no way out

Source: Bansaiii

#20 Is this a bad omen or not?

Source: RoddieHoyle

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