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These People Who Keep The World Turning With Their Sense Of Humor

Mark Twain said that “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.” He’s certainly not wrong. Humor may be a great thing.

Humor is beneficial to your health. By serving as a sort of emotional filter, it can stop negativity from setting off a depressive episode. Humor also enhances people’s general quality of life, which helps them perform better in social situations – for example. It is a useful element that helps them make friends easily, and even climb a ladder faster. As a result, comedy plays a crucial role in our daily lives.

There’s no doubt that humor is a life skill that everybody needs, but how can we have it? While some have to spend a lot of time learning that skill, others come naturally with it. Like these folks below, they have kept the world turning with their sharp sense of humor. And they have had a lot of people online rolling on the floor laughing.

#1. Left it at the office overnight and found it like this the next morning

Source: HolePunchJim

#2. So we went to Disneyland today

Source: KimJongSkilll

#3. Quite the grumpy pole at Utah Valley University…

Source: [deleted]

#4. Even though I know this has been on here before I wanted to share it since it’s my leg(s) and plus I got a new leg today!

Source: 1aza2009

#5. Position ppen

Source: arjunz

#6. I decorated my office for the holidays today

Source: iknowimlame

#7. Neighbor kept their Halloween decor up and turned it into a heartwarming holiday scene

Source: ShirazGypsy

#8. My favorite tradition Christmas decoration at my house

Source: hahnsoloii

#9. Clever way to get a $3 tip from me

Source: supermin082

#10. I am 34 years old

Source: eleanor61

#11. My parents Christmas decorations

Source: theoutrageousgiraffe

#12. It’s my birthday today, and we only had Thank You cards in the house. My fiance made this…

Source: Conscious_Security96

#13. This wrapping paper I bought after going shopping without my glasses I thought it said merry Christmas!

Source: davethecat3

#14. Sexy Santa

Source: cgay123005

#15. Body in the canal the other day

Source: sharksdrinklager

#16. Wall art in a local Indian restaurant

Source: NiceJoda

#17. I was asked to make a sign for the men’s bathroom and this is what I came up with

Source: Content_Funny_1460

#18. The Christmas tree at my OBGYNs office…

Source: hamas57

#19. I think my neighbor is a troll

Source: kalebdraws

#20. My neighbor bought a tiny frame with a stock photo of a doggo. Before she could put a pic in it her cat demanded an explanation

Source: Blakechi

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