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Giant Rabbits With Size Of Dogs Seek Forever Homes After Being Rescued

Generally, an animal shelter would love to receive information about uncared animals so that they could provide help and assistance on time. However, in many cases, the rescue staff was startled by what they saw when they found the animals.

Recently, the RSPCA was informed of a group of rabbits that lacked proper care and needed support. Supposing they would help several fluffy bunnies, the rescue team was astounded when they found 47 enormous individuals living together in a cramped, dirty place. The rabbits were Flemish giants, the largest domestic rabbit breed in the world, and the biggest one might have the same size as a Jack Russel Terrier dog.

Source: RSPCA

The cage in which those big animals lived could not provide sufficient space for their activities. Besides, they were deprived of proper care in terms of sanitation and healthcare. The rescue workers took them to a vet clinic for check-ups and evaluations. Fortunately, most fluffy giants were healthy, except one had eye problems and a wound behind his neck.

Source: RSPCA

Trevor Walker, an inspector with the RSPCA, stated: “These poor rabbits were living in cramped and dirty conditions which would have been very unpleasant for them, especially in the heat. Luckily a vet found they are all in good condition — one is on medication for weepy eyes and a wound on the back of his neck.”

Source: RSPCA

All the rabbits were looked after with great affection by the RSPCA until they recovered to the best conditions. The RSPCA intended to find them forever homes with good owners so that they could live pleasant lives. Despite their large body, the Flemish giants were well-known for their docile and tolerant disposition. Therefore, the shelter was sure that the rabbits would become perfect companions for pet lovers.

“We hope they will find loving homes,” Walker shared. “They will make good companion animals with a nice temperament.”

Source: RSPCA

With enough patience and rigorous research, owners would be able to make those giant rabbits their best friends. It would be fantastic to raise an adorable rabbit and cuddle their huge soft fur whenever you need a big hug!

Have you ever heard of or seen a Flemish giant rabbit? Do you want to own one if you have a chance? Are you in favor of large pets or small ones? Please let us know your views in the comment below!