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Vietnam has a lot of different kinds of wild animals because it has a lot of different kinds of plants and animals. Vietnam has everything from a river in the south to a thick jungle in the middle and high mountains in the north. Many animals in Vietnam are on the list of endangered species because their habitats are being destroyed, they are being hunted illegally, or both. But animals, plants, and trees are protected in more than 30 national parks and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Animals In Vietnam Jungle- Native Animals In Vietnam

1. Elephant

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Perhaps the most spectacular natural animal in Vietnam is the Asian Elephant, the largest primate in Asia. Finding a wild elephant in Vietnam is quite impossible. In Yok Don National Park, elephants once exploited to carry tourists or move tree trunks have been released. Elephants walk freely in the national park with their mahout, who guarantees the animal is safeguarded and doesn’t leave.

2. Monkeys

Vietnam has a lot of different kinds of monkeys, which is why they are all on this list. The Langur is one of the most interesting monkeys in Vietnam. It lives mostly in the forests of central Vietnam. Even less common is the Snub-Nosed Monkey, which lives mostly in mountain forests in the north of the country.

3. Saola – One Of Several Endangered Animals In Vietnam

animals in vietnam
What animals are only in Vietnam?

The saola is one of the rarest mammals in the world. The best way to think of the animal is as an antelope. This animal only lives between 400 and 1200 meters above sea level in Vietnam and Laos. It is thought that there are between 70 and 700 people in Laos and about 100 people in Vietnam. The Saola was first found in Pu Mat National Park, near Vinh and on the border with Laos. Poaching is the main reason the animal is in danger of dying. The animal can’t be bred because it can’t be found in any zoo in the world. All of the Saolas caught to keep in a zoo to breed died.

4. Gaur

The gaur is a type of cattle that lives in Asia. It is related to the water buffalo. You can find these rare animals in Cat Tien National Park, which has about 110 gaurs. They are very big animals. Bulls can weigh up to 1000 kg and stand over 2 meters tall.

5. Birds

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Vietnam is a great place to watch birds. There are many different kinds of birds here, with different colors, sizes, and looks. Dalat, Cat Tien National Park, the Mekong Delta, and Ninh Binh are the best places in Vietnam to see birds.

6. Flying Squirrel

The large flying squirrel is a type of mammal in the same family as squirrels. They mostly live in Cao Bang, which is in the north of Vietnam. The name “flying squirrel” comes from the fact that you can see them flying through the forest. When they jump, their arms and legs spread out so that skin flaps can fold neatly.

7. Slow loris

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This charming critter moves slowly at night, seeking food, insects, nectar, and sap. To spot a slow loris in the wild, search at night in a tropical rain forest or a bamboo forest. Vietnam and Laos are home to slow lorises. These endangered nocturnal critters are caught and sold for traditional medicine, tourist entertainment, and pets.

8. Pangolin

The pangolin is the world’s most traded mammal and is Critically Endangered. Sunda and Chinese pangolins live in Vietnam. Sunda Pangolins live in central and southern Vietnam, while Chinese Pangolins live in northern Vietnam. They’re easiest to notice at night while they’re hunting ants. Pangolin has the ability to curl up to avoid predators.

Dangerous Animals In Vietnam

1. Sun Bear

Central Vietnam had several sun bears. It’s pretty hard to see them in the wild. People only saw a Sun Bear in 2020 at Bidoup national park near Dalat. Unfortunately, this bear had poaching wounds. Stropeij leads to biodiversity loss. A Bear Rescue Center in Cat Tien National Park rehabilitates poached or caged bears.

2. Tiger Is One Of The Most Dangerous Animals In Vietnam

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The latest tiger spotted in Vietnam was in 1997. It’s unlikely tigers still live in Vietnam. The largest one is at Chu Mom Ray National Park in Kon Tum. It borders Cambodia’s Virachey National Park. Because of habitat degradation and hunting, Vietnam’s tigers have disappeared. Vietnamese believe tigers contain medicines.

3. Snakes


The endangered langurs Gray and Red-shanked douc are well-known members of Vietnam’s wildlife. Additionally, enormous mammals, including reptiles like snakes, live in the jungles and on the beaches of tropical Vietnam, which is also home to many beautiful beaches. Vietnam has about 200 kinds of snakes, and about a quarter are poisonous. Most of these snakes live in the wild, but you can also find them in city parks. Most of the time, these are harmless golden tree snakes or flying snakes. People in Vietnam also eat snakes because they think it makes men stronger and more manly. You can also get snake wine from Vietnam.

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