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24 Of The Funniest Attempts That Have Gone Wrong, As Shared In This Online Community

According to Albert Einstein, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” It’s totally true. No great success was ever achieved without failure. You will never succeed if you don’t make any effort to try it in the first place. And failing is proof that you’re doing something. However, if you try it with the wrong method, you might be a source of entertainment for people around you, for example.

A subreddit called r/therewasanattempt is dedicated to sharing all the attempts that have gone wrong ever, and they are insanely hilarious. These attempts are worth noticing, not because they’re inspiring, but because they’re funny. Now scroll down to check them out for yourselves. And be careful before doing anything, because you might roll on the floor laughing when looking back on your silly failures.

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#1. To look tall

Source: eZstah

#2. To translate a business sign

Source: CaulkADewDillDue

#3. To draw a front-facing horse

Source: Jaych1990

#4. To sound a little fancy

Source: chinmaysharma1230

#5. To beat a breath test

Source: omgitsmint

#6. To remain anonymous

Source: Snadams

#7. To rob a bank with a knife

Source: domiinikk4

#8. At wholesome positivity

Source: scot816

#9. To support the “Canada First” rally

Source: CowboyTrout

#10. To spell the word ‘Trust’

Source: asocial7193

#11. To get dressed

Source: ButterflyMore9267

#12. To look dangerous

Source: Careful-Day7125

#13. To not pay the painter

Source: EpsteinsPoolBoy

#14. To cook smiley buns

Source: samir391

#15. To fly to New York

Source: bostero2

#16. To help

Source: THE_VOLK87

#17. To prevent employees from discussing wages

Source: KeyAdministration900

#18. To hide his face

Source: Onion-User-2

#19. To hack a smartphone

Source: Varg03

#20. To make sure everyone knew they were religious

Source: suckmydicktracy

#21. To make things complicated

Source: Go_ask_quan

#22. To appreciate your employees

Source: bassaleh

#23. To help wheelchair users

Source: -D3lta-

#24. To produce tears during the act of “crying”

Source: Revolutionary_Town21

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