What A Sweet Rescue! Cyclist Saves Abandoned Puppies And Takes Them To Safety In His Shirt

Taking the time to do something kind for someone can change their life forever. In the case of Thyago Costa Silva, his story is capable of brightening one's day and melting even the hardest of hearts.
While Thyago drove through some rough trails, nothing could prepare him for the sight he would see one month later. During a training ride with a friend in Brazil earlier this month, professional cyclist Thyago Costa Silva decided to look at something on the side of the road. In that deep hole, Silva spotted five tiny puppies struggling to survive. There was no question that Silva and his companion had to help.


“They were in a super remote place, far away,” he said. “Someone dug the hole and left them there to die. They were weak and couldn’t escape.”
In addition, Silva provided each dog with a bottle of water after gently removing the puppies from the hole. They were starving and thirsty to death, yet they merely wished to live. The riders had given the puppies hope, so now they had to keep it up.


Silva and his companion rode the puppies the 12-mile distance home because they had no other way to transport the animals to safety. They placed the puppies in their shirts. Silva remarked, "It was very emotional".

The two buddies took the puppies back home with them because they could not leave them to fend for themselves. How would they manage to do it was the question. Silva went back to the puppies and helped them regain their strength.
“I took them home and took care of them,” Silva said. His actions went beyond that, however.


Silva spread the story about the five puppies he had found, and soon each one had what they most desperately needed.  “They were all adopted by good people who love animals", Silva said. 


The sweetest ending could not have been imagined for a heart-wrenching scene on a remote bike trail. Now that the puppies have been rescued from the brink of death, their futures seem brighter than ever.
“They will have a better life,” Silva stated. “I’m sure they will be well taken care of. This makes me so happy.”
Look how adorable this tale is! You can make your life more meaningful by spreading this pure love.
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