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25 People Who Quit Their Jobs Midway Through

You hate your job, especially on a Monday. There is no way to sugarcoat it. You’re not the only one who is unhappy at work. Many people also hate something or other about their jobs. Nearly every day, they complain about their work or their boss, which doesn’t leave them feeling fulfilled and satisfied. And all they want to do is just quit their jobs and go on vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The subreddit r/NotMyJob is dedicated to these poor souls, and our hope is that they find their true passions as soon as possible. Well, we don’t think people in this group have any passions at all. 25 images below will show what we mean. These folks are currently failing at their current jobs. At work, they didn’t care about what they were doing in the slightest because they had completely given up. Scroll down to take a look at some bad work ethics that undoubtedly led to someone being fired (or at least they should have).

#1. Hang the clothes rack

Source: bbenton2k20

#2. Close enough

Source: StuffyUnicorn

#3. Spotted in Target. Next level fashion

Source: EkkoWan

#4. Put up the directions to the training boss

Source: roviuser

#5. Movie theater marquee

Source: PinkFloydJoe

#6. I’ve painted Elsa’s lips on Boss

Source: Ashleeeeh_

#7. Can I go home now, boss?

Source: TheAmazingLane

#8. The Brids

Source: elikessler

#9. I now understand the phrase “close enough for government work”

Source: FaxCelestis

#10. The weather graphic is ready, boss!

Source: HembraunAirginator

#11. When you look up “Bob the Builder lyrics” on Google, the person who was transcribing them gave up not even halfway through. (This is the first result.)

Source: Opawesum

#12. Boy do i love eating there

Source: annoying-ben

#13. Mailed the package, boss

Source: nereuszeer

#14. Fan’s installed, boss

Source: kangcore

#15. Cookies for Satan!!

Source: geekman20

#16. MTA Excellence

Source: [deleted]

#17. Proof read the ad boss

Source: mikerockitjones

#18. Typical warning sign

Source: nothisenberg

#19. “I’m no electrician”

Source: Psychedelix117

#20. Only had to resize the picture a bit boss!

Source: Quanterro

#21. I’m not the janitor

Source: OfficialHD

#22. Hung the hand drying instructions boss

Source: Oldmate81

#23. “That’ll hold it”

Source: GravityKeepsMeDown

#24. “Painted the rails, boss”

Source: so_juu

#25. Set up the advertisement boss

Source: flopsytheb

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